Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review — Why You Want This Responsive Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Review — Why You Want This Responsive Mattress

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Lacey covers everything you need to know about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid, including its materials, construction, and overall performance. She also touches on pricing, warranty, and sleep trial policies.

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Hey everyone I'm Lacey and today we're Taking a look at one of our favorite Hybrids here at sleep Foundation the Brooklyn Bedding signature the signature Hybrid has a lot to like about it you Can customize the firmness and feel and Overall it performed well in our battery Of testing there's one reason why it's a Top pick for many of us on the testing Team but we'll get to that later for now Let's take a look at what our testing Found about this bed's strengths and why We really love this bed for most people Including new couples out there Well who is Brooklyn Bedding at first Glance you might confuse them with Another company in the betting space for A clinic or you might think because of Their name they're based in Brooklyn New York but neither of those things are True Brooklyn Bedding is actually based In Arizona it was started by Two Brothers they were the Pioneers in the Mattress in a box movement while Brooklyn Bedding may not be a household Name like Serta or Tempur-Pedic it's had A loyal customer base since 2008. today The online company offers a range of Mattresses to accommodate every sleeper Under the Sun most Brooklyn betting Models come in multiple firmness levels And sizes including hard to find sizes Like short queen and even an RV bed so Whether you're an eco-conscious Shopper

Maybe you're on the heavier side maybe You're an athlete regardless there is a Model tailored to you but their Flagship Mattress and the one we like for most People is the signature hybrid this is a Versatile bed that can suit a ton of Different sleeping positions and body Weights so let's take a look This is a hybrid bed which means you get A layer of coils in the base and then Foam Comfort layers on top of that like Most hybrids made today the coils in the Base here are pocketed we'll talk more About why that matters in a bit but all You need to know is they aren't Interconnected like those old inner Spring mattresses now above these coils Are two layers of proprietary memory Foam one of the things we often see with Memory foam is that as it conforms to Your body two things happen first it Heats up which is not great for those Who sleep hot and second it can be Difficult to move around and shift from Side to side so Brooklyn Bedding Developed a foam they call titanflex This is a bit more springy than memory Foam it's almost a bit like latex if you Prefer you can also add a pillow top Layer if you'd like a plusher feel the Two inch topper has two foam layers to Help relieve pressure one of the things We like about the signature is that it Is available in three firmness levels we

Have a full breakdown for how to choose The right firmness for you over at but overall let your Body weight and your sleeping style be Your guide so for instance the medium Soft model is ideal for side sleepers And people less than 130 pounds the Medium firm is the Goldilocks of the Three we think the blend of contouring And support suits all sleeping positions And we like the firm for most heavy Weight sleepers and those who sleep on Their stomach so plenty of options here For you let's talk about the testing on This bed first up is temperature control Because sleeping hot is the worst in General we'd expect a bed like this to Sleep relatively cool hybrids tend to do A good job of moving air throughout the Bed which can remove heat but our Testing really showed that to be true to See how much heat a bed retains we have Our product tester lay on a bed for five Minutes then get up and measure how long It takes for the bed to return to its Baseline temperature as you can see from This chart the signature heats up about The same temperature as our average foam Hybrid which is to say the ingredients Of this bed the cotton cover the Pocketed coil base and the latex-like Memory foam all blend together to make a Bed that should eliminate most Troublesome heat buildup throughout the

Night the one thing we should point out Though if you add the optional pillow Top layer we found that the additional Two inches added some marginal heat Buildup so if sleeping cool is your top Priority you might consider skipping That option the next test we run is on The strength of a bed's perimeter Edge Support tests are crucial for us since Most people don't like the feeling of Rolling off of their bed you might also Like to sit on the side of your bed when Getting ready in the morning so we Talked about these coils in the base of The bed but Brooklyn Bedding has added Sturdier coils around the edge of the Bed to help bolster that supportive Feeling and the results showed that in Our testing when we look at a bed's Edge Support we place weights along the edge And test how much it compresses you can See from this chart the signature Performed about as well as we expect From a hybrid bed it outperformed an all Foam bed to be short and it held up well To our tester laying near the edge of The bed it so we think that if you're Someone who needs a sturdy Edge then the Signature is a fine Choice okay two more Tests we run on our mattresses are Motion isolation and pressure relief First I've alluded to those pocketed Coils in the base of the bed a couple of Times but this is why it matters they

Move independently from one another Which means they can respond to your Shifts throughout the night and without Transferring that movement across the Surface to your Co-Sleeper and here our Testing showed that motion isolation on The signature was about average with Other hybrids on the market we think That it's likely due to this titanflex Memory foam it doesn't trap as much heat Which is a good thing but since it's Engineered to be more bouncy and Responsive that's where we see a little More motion transfer but again our Results show a bed that overall absorbs Most motion the final test we run is Meant to find out how well a bed Relieves pressure points by laying a Pressure pad on the bed we can see where Pressure points tend to build up and That helps us anticipate what kind of Sleep positions work best on the bed as You can see from our testing back and Stomach sleepers registered minimal Pressure points on the signature our Tester weighs about 175 pounds and there Was moderate pressure buildup around the Hips when laying on their back and Marginal buildup on their stomach but You can see when they flip to their side We're getting spots of yellow mixed in With the green which indicates more Pressure in those areas this is to be Expected from side sleeping as you put

More pressure on those two areas Throughout the night if you're at all Concerned about it you can upgrade to The signature with the pillow top design Which should help alleviate most Pressure areas Okay if you've been following along the Result of the tests on the signature is That it's a well-rounded hybrid bed that Stacks up well against most other Hybrids in our testing in that sense you Get a bed that sleeps cool is supportive And relieves most pressure then why do We like this bed so much well it's the Price at about a thousand dollars for a Queen you get a very affordable hybrid Bed that performs about as well as beds Twice the price so if you think about it This way and dollar cost average it you Get a ton for your money this becomes Not just an affordable bed but a top Performer at this price point just be Sure to factor in your sleep position And your weight when picking a firmness Well that's it for this one everyone if You're unsure of the best model for your Needs refer to our review at here we give a more In-depth look at how each firmness feels For different types of sleepers thanks For watching and sleep tight [Music]