I AM A CYBORG?!? – Ultra Human M1 CGM Review

I AM A CYBORG?!? - Ultra Human M1 CGM Review

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Here is my honest review of the UltraHuman M1 Continuous Glucose Monitor. How as it with the ring?

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00:00 Introduction
00:25 Unboxing
01:04 Setup
01:43 Does It Hurt?
03:10 Replacing the Sensor
03:55 Initial Impressions
04:44 Using the App
05:50 My Average Day
06:40 Working Out
07:13 How The Body Works
07:54 Would I Recommend It?
08:24 The Cons
08:50 The Air Ring


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Three two one this whole month I'm Actually going to test out the ultra Human continuous blood glucose monitor Now I have the ring I've done a whole Video on it comparing it to the aura Ring you know how it's better in some Ways but now they have a continuous Blood glucose monitor so it's a patch That goes right here I'm really kind of Scared to see how it feels like to do That I mean I'm not diabetic or anything But um I've seen these online you can See opening up the box it's pretty Straightforward just like the other Ultra Human air ring um let's see here It looks kind of like an Apple box they Have some alcohol wipes looks like some Sticky pads to Pro to keep the sensor Protected and probably some instructions Here looks like they give you a QR code Even to help you with instructions and To connect it to the app I'm actually Really happy these are the Libra 3's Because I was talking to my diabetic Friend he said that the Libra 3s are you Know industry standard and um they are What diabetics use so here's the actual Sensor as you can see it looks like a Little I don't know salt shaker it says You can only go in the back of the arms And you have to use an alcohol pad and I'm really really nervous because I Don't like needles I don't like I don't Like Pricks and pokes and I'm hoping

It's not too painful so here is the Website I have a sensor start setup and It actually looks like you need the Libra 3 app so let's click that and Download the Libra 3 app hopefully That'll pair to the ultra human app very Easily so in the liba 3 app we click We're in the United States we accept the Terms of Service and it says Twist oh that's a big needle oh that's a Big needle you probably can't even see That Yesa three two one Oh that's it it doesn't hurt at all Actually I thought I could feel it I can See why these are expensive I mean There's a lot of engineering that goes Into one of these ready to scan I guess You put this top of your phone close to The sensor it says sensor ready in 60 Minutes I'm assuming it has to take like A baseline maybe um I'm not exactly sure But I I'll see you guys in 60 Minutes so after a whole hour wearing This thing I can find finally actually See it on the app right now you can see It's showing 129 which I guess is in the Green zone and that's uh milligrams per Deciliter so um hopefully this will Connect with the app and we'll see how That works right over here so after About an hour connecting to the app There's really no data because it takes About 20 minutes to get it from the

Libra 3 app to the ultrahuman app and it Says it has to be running in the Background at all times which might be Annoying because it might drain battery Power I'm not sure yet but um overall it Doesn't really hurt I think the uh the Tape I've been feeling the tape move a Little bit when I was laying down Reviewing all these pillows but let's Let's check back in a couple of Days so after two weeks of use the Sensor it says I need to apply a new Sensor so I guess I have to peel this Off um but I didn't even know it wasn't Sinking for like two days cuz I I wasn't Looking at the Libra app this app I was Actually looking at the ultra human and I thought it was sinking but it wasn't So let's go on here it says click next Ouch this thing hurts okay you can see How it hurts you can see how strong the Adhesive is so I don't know if the tape I used was even doing Anything wow that's really on There oh oh oh here's a better look at What actually goes in your arm you can See that little probe there and after About 14 days I've noticed the ultra Human app gave me some tips about to Work out right around 7:00 6:00 that Explains why I prefer working out right Around 7 or 6 and I'd probably use baby Oil to remove it next time just to Soften up the adhesive I'm sure people

Have better videos on that but that was Definitely the most annoying part is Just kind of peeling it off let's put on Another one applied alcohol we're going To put on the second CGM here maybe Somewhere like right around there maybe 3 2 one Kind of push it and gently peel Away it has been two weeks this is the Second sensor and it's just about Falling off so here we go oh Oh so here's how you actually use the App you go down here on the ultr human App there's the home setting and then There's the metabolism setting now once You're in the metabolism setting you can See all the different timelines and the The different crashes detected hypo and Hypoglycemic the total macros now this Is my biggest issue you could see Everything right here which is really Nice um but I would forget to put in Food like I would forget to put events In or or workouts so you got to click Right here to the plus and whatever you Did you have to you know click what you Actually ate let's just say a a tostada And then it would log that but I often Forgot to do that because I'm just a Normal human but it is really cool to See what it's doing if you don't log Anything you still get a great idea of Your actual glucose levels and this is Kind of what I wanted to get into when

You see the whole week at a glance it's Really nice because I don't have to do You know every day every single thing I Eat I can just look at a glance kind of See where I'm at because I'm not Diabetic I can kind of go down here and Learn about glucose variability I can Look at the glucose score how that works And the whole Target score so here's Like what an average day looks like you Can see I would wake up around 8 or nine And then I wouldn't eat anything sort of Sugary or kbby in the morning my biggest Thing now is using just like one avocado And maybe like a latte and I would feel Great all day until about 1:00 or 2:00 When I would eat you could see that here I would spike to about 130 after a big Meal and maybe 3 or 4 I might have Another meal but at least my like the Full like half of the day I would be Like super level and you could see I'm Pretty much spiked throughout the whole Day now this is because I've noticed if I have alcohol it really does kind of Keep you elevated or it kind of messes With your body so the biggest things I've learned is just don't eat uh pretty Much any carbs until like one and then If you can if you can uh don't drink too Much because that will throw off your Blood sugar quite a bit and some other Big tips I learned from this app are if I'm if I just go on a walk or work out

Like within 30 minutes of eating my Glucose doesn't Spike and if it does Spike it comes way down way faster which Has been really nice for overall like Mood and stability cuz I do have ADHD And I found that you know you can't Really feel a a sugar like a blood sugar Spike but your overall mood and your Overall uh energy levels has been has Been much better if I'm in that Healthier range so just going on a Simple walk or working out within about A half hour I've noticed has actually Made a pretty big difference and not Being diabetic I had no idea about blood Sugar or anything but it was really Interesting seeing how my body would Anticipate you know if I saw sugar on The table some candy even if I didn't Eat it my body would give me insulin and Anticipating that I would have sugar and Then my blood sugar would drop and make Me super hungry I would have cravings um Even if I didn't have sugar so your Body's anticipating what you're going to Do like 20 minutes before um if you're Working out you go through glucogenesis Which is kind of crazy your body will Dump sugar from your blood into your Muscles to give you energy so my phone Was like beeping like hey there's like An event going on uh well it turns out I'm just working out so I thought that Was really interesting so would I

Recommend this for someone maybe if You're like an ultra athlete I would say Definitely do it but for me I'm I'm kind Of an average guy so I would just Recommend doing it for like a month see How your body reacts to certain foods at The certain times of day and things like That and then also maybe check out one Of these Ultra air Rings because you Know it it pairs to the ring so you get A really great Baseline data and like a Like a weekly overview of how your body Reacts um so I think that was really Interesting just getting a picture of Where I'm at right now Metabolically so that brings me to the Cons this is a little expensive um it It's right around $300 a month right now I can't see the average person doing That forever but I would say try it for Maybe a month or two see how your body Reacts to Foods at certain times a day Also I think maybe tracking everything You know going in there logging Everything in the app is a little Annoying again maybe just try that for a Few weeks and I would recommend you know Trying this ring because this plus the Glucose monitor gave me like an overall You know experience it was giving me Like reminders and update and you can Meditate with it and it was showing you Suggesting certain things which I Thought was pretty great and they both

Also connect to my Apple Health app so I Can get all my data right there even on My watch so that's pretty nice as well So would I recommend this to the average Person probably not it's pretty Expensive but I would recommend their Air ring if you're interested check out The links below for all this down below Also you can check out the Ring review Over here more gadgets over here and Subscribe down here peace