Nolah Evolution 15 Mattress Review — A High-Tech Cooling Mattress?

Nolah Evolution 15 Mattress Review -- A High-Tech Cooling Mattress?

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Nolah describes itself as a “sleep technology” company, and their Evolution 15 certainly features some ingenuity. From proprietary “AirFoam” to an “HDMax TriZone” support core, there is A LOT happening in this bed.

But do these innovative materials really make a difference in how you sleep? Join Lacey as she provides an in-depth review of the Nolah Evolution 15, and shows you what our testing found about the bed’s actual performance.

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1:21 What’s Inside?
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Hey everyone I'm Lacey one of our Favorite mattresses here at sleep Foundation is the Nola Evolution 15. Nola calls this an ultra high-tech Hybrid mattress that's an interesting Claim to make about a bed to say the Least but despite this fancy marketing Claim we actually think this bed is one Of the most solid options on the market For some very low-tech reasons stay Tuned to find out why [Music] So first let's talk about NOLA because It's probably an unfamiliar name to you The brand launched in 2016 with a Mission to revamp memory foam because Look memory foam is a great material That does a lot of things well but it Does sleep quite hot so what if you Could get all of the benefits of memory Foam without any of the heat retention Nola's Ultra high-tech solution was to Develop a proprietary substance called Air foam and then they built every bed Around it airfoam is a proprietary Material that looks and feels a lot like Memory foam but the brand says it is Temperature neutral and very good at Pressure relief so of course we had to Put those claims to the test Before we dive in though if you dig The Vibes of what this bed is all about you Can check out our full review at we'll have a link

In the comments below you'll also find a Link to our latest discounts on the bed As well so be sure to check that out Okay let's talk about what's inside the Nola Evolution to put it simply this is A hybrid bed which means the very core Of this bed is made with pocketed coils With multiple layers of foam layered on Top of that including what the brand Calls next-gen air foam ice the only Difference here is that this layer is Graphite infused to help with cooling The other notable thing is the size of This bed the Nola Evolution 15 gets its Name because it stands well 15 inches High this is a tall mattress just be Sure you are buying sheets with Deep Pockets that are designed for tall beds And finally you can get the Nola and Four different firmness options we have A full breakdown over at sleep Foundation on which option we like for Which sleeper for most of you we like The luxury firm since it strikes a Really nice balance between support and Plushness but really let your body Weight and your sleeping style be your Guide as you decide so the first High-tech option on this bed that we had To test was its temperature control and You'll note that in addition to this Graphite infused foam the evolution 15 Also contains a gusseted perimeter a Cotton cover and a high thermal

Conductivity Euro Top so ideally this Should perform exceptionally well at Temperature control and the results were Fine as you can see from this chart the Nola initially heats up a bit more when Compared to the average hybrid mattress It peaked at about 10 degrees above room Temperature which is slightly higher Than your average hybrid then as you can See from this curve we measured how long It took for the bed to return to rim Temperature and when we place that curve Next to one that represents the average High quality hybrid bed you can see it's Fine it wasn't the coolest bed we've Ever tested but it held up well and a Lot of that we think is due to the fact That it's a hybrid bed and hybrids by Their nature are just very good at Dissipating heat so if you're looking For the coolest bed ever we wouldn't Suggest buying this for the cooling Properties alone but if it's just one of The factors you're looking for well this Will be good enough one of the other Things we test is pressure relief and I Mentioned earlier that at 15 inches high This is a pretty high profile bed one of The benefits of a bed like this is they Usually have thicker Comfort Systems Which can alleviate significant pressure For athletes and people with chronic Pain to evaluate pressure relief we have Testers of different sleep positions and

Body weights lie on the mattress long Enough for pressure points to form we Also use a pressure pad to see where Pressure accumulates on a bed we found That all firmness options provide Significant pressure relief those layers Help relieve tension and Contour to your Body but pressure relief requires more Than just cushioning a mattress also Needs to align the spine the evolution 15 does just that as its zoned coil core Reinforces the Torso area this Alleviates pressure on the lower back Hips and shoulders overall the plush Model offers the most pressure relief Since it provides deeper contouring that Said the best pressure relief depends on Picking the right firmness for your Sleeping position and weight you can Learn more about how each model performs For different types of sleepers now if the Temperature control on the Nola was There is a spot where this bed really Stands out in our testing and that is Edge support if you're someone who has Some mobility issues and you struggle Getting in or out of bed you need a Mattress with a really sturdy perimeter That won't compress on you a sturdy Edge Also means that you can sleep on the Whole mattress and this is actually an Overlooked part of a bed if you share a Bed with a partner or like me my two

Cats you will find that you're losing Some space to them throughout the night You need an edge that's going to really Hold up and not give you the feeling Like you're going to roll out of the bed So when we test a bed for Edge support We place three different weights along The perimeter 15 25 and 50 pounds and as You can see from this chart The Edge is Compressed you know depending on the Amount of weight applied you can see the Compression here was about one inch Under the 15 pound weight around 2 Inches with the 25 pound weight and just Over four inches with the 50 pound Weight but it's when we situate those Numbers against comparable beds made With foam or latex that we really see The strength of the Nola's edges it is Not a stretch to say that this is one of The best performing beds we've ever Tested in the edge support category so Overall does the Nola hold up to its Technology in a mattress claim because Look it is priced in such a way that Makes you think you're getting a High-tech bed at around two thousand Dollars for a queen this is firmly in The luxury category for a bed and our Testing found that this is a good Mattress this is a bed that performs as Well as any other comparable hybrid bed On the market you're going to get a Cooling sleep good pressure relief and a

Very strong Edge it's a quality bed just Don't get seduced by all the proprietary Jargon for more of our in-depth review Of the Nola Evolution 15 check out our Full review over at Thanks for watching sleep tight