Our REAL Thoughts On The ChiliPad Dock Pro

Our REAL Thoughts On The ChiliPad Dock Pro

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This is our honest review of the ChiliPad Dock Pro We cooling pad.
Today we unbox the new ChiliPad Dock Pro and show you how to set it up. Full review coming soon.

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So it's no secret that it is super hot Here in Phoenix Arizona kind of hot in These rhinos so we have been on the hunt For what would you say like six seven Years now to find a good cooling system That works for our bed because sleep is Super important to us we've tried Everything from the original chili bad I Think they even made like a Chili Blanket we've tried the ooler most Recently we've tried the eight sleep and Now we have been on this doc Pro Wii System for a couple of weeks now now so Let's get into it so this is the actual Unit for the doc Pro uh we have a whole Setup video if you're interested in Checking that out but this is the unit That actually pumps water through this To either cool it or heat it so it's Connected back here through a little Hose and this bad boy is's a little Thirsty it needs a little more water What you will find when you very first Start using your doc Pro is that it will Take a lot of water before it it is Fully good to go so we use distilled Water and how much water do you think it Takes I don't know a lot 2 liters baby Two liters each side takes two liters That's a that's a lot it is a lot of Water and then we also add a little bit Of peroxide in just to kind of help keep The water a little Fresher a little Cleaner so every time that we fill we

Just add a little bit of this in to keep It fresher for longer lemony Fresh So as You can see we've got the his and the Hers side so just to show you the Difference between these James has got Our little Flur camera going so my side Right now we have cranked as warm as it Will go which is 115 James's side we Have it cranked as cool as it will go Which is 55 but it's cool cuz this is Very customizable for each side you have The his and the hers which is really Nice so if you do sleep differently from Your partner you can customize your Temperature settings for each of you I Forgot show you guys whoa jeez I forgot To show you guys I bought an infrared Flur camera just to show you guys what This is doing so if you look over here This is after 10 minutes exactly we can See the her side I put to like 110 and It'll get there it'll get to like5 after You know 15 minutes my side I put to the Lowest setting and after 10 minutes it's Already around 66 de in the middle and So this is just 10 minutes if you let it Keep going it'll definitely get crazier So I'm going to lay down on the cool Side and again it's not fully cool yet But it feels almost wet because it's Like condensating you can see in the Camera right here when I get up you can See how it pulls away my heat so you can Literally see how it pulls away heat and

Over here you can See my Hand and how it sucks away the heat it Takes about a minute or so for this to Fully absorb my heat from my hand this Is a really great upgrade CU before it Was little tubes now it's a nice even Grid and you can see on the camera here You can't even really feel this grid When you're laying on it which is very Very nice it's also pet friendly Reggie And all of his thick fur loves a good Cooling pad don't you buddy so for this Doc Pro are there any downsides or cons The only downside that I can foresee is That this actual cover the actual pad it Gets super Bunchy I don't know if this Is just made to fit like a really big Mattress and maybe this mattress just Isn't that big or what the case is but It doesn't fit really snug so the only Issue that I have with it is like when You sleep on it you can kind of feel it Bunching up under you um like I said This might be a thinner mattress I That's the only thing that I've got beef With though is that this doesn't fit Tighter around the mattress maybe if They had straps or something maybe if There was some kind of straps that you Could tighten and pull down but how loud Is this thing I honestly don't think It's too loud um you can hear a little Bit of a fan noise going on but I mean

We'll see if the mic will even pick it Up it's like a white Fan yeah it very much is just like a Really quiet White Noise which I like to Sleep with a white noise machine Sometimes anyway so it it doesn't bother Me at all now we showed you guys how to Do the full setup but this is basically What I've been doing the last couple Weeks is instead of just using the on And off which you can do that if You' Like um I actually do the sleep schedule So right around midnight it turns on and Then it goes to 74 and then right around 4:00 a.m. it's 74 and then 8:00 a.m. it Starts uh getting really warm so Actually I wake up now with heat instead Of an alarm um but what do you normally Set Yours to I just set it to 76 and Then I leave it all night and originally I was setting it to 72 when I went to Bed but I found that too cold so this is Pretty powerful I think like even a few Degrees it can feel really cold at like 72° yeah which sounds crazy but for us It was really C now this is actually a Cool feature there's actually a special Smart Pad that you can put on top of Here and that controls this sort of AI Sleep tracker if you want to get more Feedback and do more of like a like an Autopilot system that's what this is for Honestly I I found just you know setting It to 74 has been great for me now it's

Hard not to compare this to the eight Sleep pod Pro but this is a lot cheaper For the Wii system there's two separate Units it's right around $1900 now that Might sound like a lot but the eight Sleep pod Pro was I think 2,800 for the Cheap version so this is you know $1,000 Cheaper and we do have a special coupon Link down below to save I think 15% but For having you know the same feel I Think to save $1,000 and this doesn't Have the auto pilot monthly subscription The eight S pod Pro does currently cost I think $15 or $20 a month so not having To pay an extra two or $300 a year is Actually pretty awesome so after a few Weeks of of tracking my sleep I've Noticed I get right around 90% with this And without it I get like 80 85 so this Is you know getting 10% 5% better sleep For me and for you it's just you're not Really tracking your sleep are you no But you do like it right I do I like it A lot and so do you get you know you Sleep hot what is it like I mean is it Great not having heat flashes or yeah I I normally like without one of these Like whenever we're on vacation or Something I wake up and it's like my Hair is like stuck to my neck cuz my Neck is sweating like I sleep very hot So this helps a ton I'm very spoiled by It and you can see on the website the me Is the one sleeper so if just one of you

Guys need one of these it's a one dog Pro with the chili pad mattress topper And I'm kind of surprised they don't Have an option for one unit to control The whole thing is aren't you yeah it's Kind of weird I don't know why you would Just want to control half of the pad but Maybe it's not powerful enough maybe um But you know spend a few extra100 and Get the Wii system that's two units and That controls his and her side um I Think that's probably the way to go here Cuz I think you know you both want to Have preferences and how you sleep so if You have night FL you know hot flashes Or menopause or I'm thinking of like the People who just sleep hot this is Solving the problem for the summer as Well it's kind of like having a like Like a water bed without actually having A water bed so if you guys are Interested in this check out the link Below it should save you 15% right now To check out more cooling gadgets click Over here and to check out more mattress Videos click over here and subscribe Down here we'll see you guys in the next Video peace [Music]