Saatva Classic Mattress Review — Is This the Most Luxurious Bed on the Market?

Saatva Classic Mattress Review — Is This the Most Luxurious Bed on the Market?

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The Saatva Classic is a great all-around mattress, and we like it for MOST sleepers. But it’s not the cheapest bed on the market, and it is positioned as a “luxury hybrid bed.” But what do you get in a luxury bed? And does it perform better than others in our SF Lab Testing?

Join Tom — from the Saatva House in Hollywood, CA! — as he explores who we think this bed is right for, and one way it really struggled in our tests.

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All right so this is the satva classic Mattress if you've been in the market For a new bed it's likely you've come Across the sofa brand they've had their Ads on TV they're often selected as a Top pick on National morning shows and They're one of the favorites of a bunch Of review sites including including us So let's take a look at whether you get What you pay for so to speak and one Reason why you might want to really Really think twice about buying this bed But you know what Let's do this somewhere else Ah that's fun so we're down here in La Visiting the saatva house which is this Fun little space they developed where They shoot their commercials and really Kind of help create Just A vibe around The brand now just about every room in This house is expertly appointed and it Is very very nice you also get a great Sense for who satva is trying to Market These beds too sort of that upper middle Class Suburban crowd but okay who is Saatva so the brand started in 2010 as a Direct to Consumer mattress maker and They have several models to choose from You can get an all foam bed you can get A latex bed even an air bed that allows You to customize the firmness level but We're going to take a look at the saatva Classic which is their Flagship bed and It happens to be the one that we like

For most people now the reason we like This for most people is just because of How versatile it is you can choose from Three different firmness options you can Choose two different heights and you get Eight different sizes to choose from so If you're counting along at home that's 48 different permutations of just one Bed now to depending on what you're Looking for in a bed sofa is going to Have you covered in fact all of their Beds are made to order you get a full 365 nights to try it out and rather than Getting your mattress rolled up in a box For easy shipping Safa is going to Deliver your bed directly to you as it Is All right so let's take a look at the Sofa Classic this is a hybrid batter With the brand often sites as a luxury Inner spring bed there isn't a ton of Difference between those two terms the Main point here is that the base of the Bed is constructed using thick coils and Then there will be layers of poly foam Or memory foam on top of that now the Actual construction of the bed will vary Based on the firmness level you select And the height we have a full breakdown Of all the specs of those beds over at generally speaking Though each bed starts with a cover That's made from an organic cotton the Top layer underneath that cover is a

Euro top layer made from polyfoam and Then additional fiber fill beneath that Is another layer of polyfoam just under About three quarters of an inch and then That's followed by a layer of memory Foam about a third of an inch and then Here's where it gets kind of fun most Hybrid beds offer just one layer of Coils but Safa has two layers so beneath These foam layers you get a four inch Layer of coils and the benefit here is That you'll get really good support but The coils are also so light enough that They're going to move with your body and Most importantly adapt to your body the Base of the bed the very foundation of The bed is that second layer of coils These are made from a slightly thicker Gauge coil they are shaped a little bit Like an hourglass now the size of the Base will depend on the height of the Bed that you choose so it's either going To come in at around four inches or Seven inches but okay I mentioned the Classic is available in these multiple Firmness options and I guess the next Question is how do you choose you can Get the sofa classic in what they call The plush soft the luxury firm or just The firm and in our testing these rate About a three a six and an eight on our 10 point firmness scale now we think the Luxury firm is going to be great for Most people in fact we like the plush

Soft if you're under 130 pounds and then Only if you're really just a side Sleeper on the other end the firm is a Great choice if you're someone who is on The heavier side think about 230 pounds Or more back in our Seattle test lab we Put the sofa classic through our testing And as you might expect the mattress Excels at temperature control now one of The main culprits of a bed that tends to Sleep hot is the presence of memory foam And on the sofa classic there just isn't A lot of foam to begin with the bulk of The bed is made with these dual layers Of coils so again you might anticipate That the bed sleeps rather cool and once You know it it does our testing team Laid on the sofa for five minutes and Then we used a heat gun to record how Much the bed began to heat up then our Tester got up and measured how long it Took for the bed to return to its Baseline temperature as you can see from This chart the saatva classic doesn't Heat up nearly as much as the average Foam hybrid but most importantly it Cools off noticeably quicker as well the One thing our tester also reported was This feeling of sleeping on the bed Rather than sleeping in it so in short When you feel that on a bed when you Don't sink too much into a surface it's Just going to be one more factor in Helping you sleep cool throughout the

Night one of the things we often find With relatively firm beds is yeah they Sleep very cool but you often sacrifice Some of that Cooling for comfort and Pressure relief in other words when you Don't sink too much into a bed you don't Sink too much into a bed and that's Going to be more opportunity to develop Pressure points throughout the night but What we found surprising on the sofa was Just how well it performed and our Pressure relief testing we tested beds Pressure relief by laying a pressure pad On the surface and then we map those Places where more pressure builds up so Take a look at this graphic you can see That back and stomach sleepers fared Quite well but then even on our side Sleeper the green you notice around the Shoulders and the hips well that means That the pressure was nominal by Comparison in fact according to our Testing team the pressure relief on the Sofa classic was about what you'd expect From a hybrid mattress with thicker foam Layers and it even competes with some All foam beds now of course with foam Beds you do get incredible pressure Relief that's kind of there selling Point but they also tend to sleep quite Hot and so with the sofa classes you Kind of get the best of both worlds Situation here all right well one other Thing we should point out really quickly

Our testing found the Edge support on The sofa classic to be really really Good our testing team placed weights Along the perimeter of the bed and found Minimal compression and that means You're going to get a very very strong Edge compared to the average hybrid Mattress you're going to find the sofa's Edge to be sturdy and hold up under your Body weight whether you're just sitting On the edge of the bed or maybe you've Been you know nudged to the edge of the Bed by either a partner or a rather Selfish pet while speaking of Partners And pets if you share a bed with either Of those it's often the case that you Might look for a bed with good motion Isolation so how did the sofa do well Not great our testing team performs a Couple of tests in order to come to that Conclusion first they dropped 25 pound Weights from various Heights to record How that drop ripples across the surface Of the bed as you can see from this Chart our results show the softer's Performance was below average And look that makes sense it's a Relatively firm bed it has minimal foam It's almost entirely made up of coils There just isn't a lot of material to Absorb that energy the second test they Perform is recording vibrations on the Surface as they move positions in bed And get in and out of bed but again you

Can see from this chart that we recorded More vibrations during those movements Than the average foam hybrid bed so in Short if you're someone who's already Easily awoken by movements in the bed Maybe you're a light sleeper or you just Have a super Restless bed partner then We'd really caution you to think hard About the sofa classic now look any bed Is going to come with a set of Trade-offs in this case with the sofa Classic you're going to get top-notch Pressure relief a very cool sleep it's Just that those things are going to come At the cost of solid motion isolation so You just have to do a little math you Have to decide what's most important for You in a purchase of your mattress well After all of that does the saatva hold Up to its luxury Vibes I mean it Certainly looks the part stitched logo On the cover and these gold accents Exude a really nice refined feel and Certainly are buying into this luxury Mattress experience with the saatva Price tag but look if you take all of These things into consideration the bed Does well temperature control pressure Relief overall support it might very Well be worth the money you do spend Just make sure you don't move at all at Night like sleep very Still there's a lot more on the sofa Classic on our website so check out our

Full review over at And hey if you like what you see but you Want some of our other picks for best Hybrid mattresses check out our best Hybrid mattress video right here that's It for this one everyone thanks for Watching [Music]