Why Women Can’t Turn Their Brains OFF At Night

Why Women Can't Turn Their Brains OFF At Night

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I can't count the number of times an Exhausted woman has said to me I can't Turn my brain off at night I've Experienced this too sometimes I'm so Busy during the day that I have no white Space no time to process emotions or Deal with stress as a result worries and Stressors bubble to the surface of my Thoughts at night when it's quiet and I'm alone in the dark and if you Experience this you may also start Ruminating on all the things you should Do all the conversations that are Replaying in your head about what you Should or should not have said now Notice when you're Shing all over Yourself you might see that your brain Has a tendency to go to the past or to The Future when you've got the nighttime Monkey mind the thoughts that you're Having create emotions and you're Marinating in those emotions as you're Lying there trying to sleep