5 More CRAZY Pillows You NEED To See! – 2024 Pillow Review

5 More CRAZY Pillows You NEED To See! - 2024 Pillow Review

These are some more crazy pillows we tried over the course of a year. We tried a giant latex body pillow, cooling pillow, cervical pillows, and the purple pillow. Links below.

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✅ 1. Custom Sleep Tech Body Pillow 0:33
Body Pillow ►
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✅ 2. Malouf CarbonCool Pillow 2:58
Malouf CarbonCool ►
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✅ 3. Purple Freeform Pillow 4:42
Purple Pillows ►
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Purple Plush Review ►
Purple Pillow Review ►
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✅ 4. Cervical Pillows 6:45
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Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow ►
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✅ 5. Sam’s Favorite Pillow 9:20
Serta Down Illusion ►
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Oh that's just one pillow that's a yeah That's a large pillow the owners at Custom sleep were talking all about it They were saying how expensive and Premium it is custom sleep Technology it's huge Huge huge okay this is really cool what What how do you pillowcase this that's a Really good question we make custom Pillowcases as well cuz if not custom Sleep think about it what is that one This is the custom sleep Technologies body pillow so okay first Of all can we just take a moment and Enjoy the the jiggle of this this is Organic latex so this bad boy is high Quality um 55 in is that bigger than a Normal body pillow I feel like it is I Think so I feel like it's got to be this Thing is almost as tall as I am it's Probably like 4 Foot but this this is they say it's good For people who need like hip alignment Um as you're sleeping so they come in Three different firmnesses we've got a Soft a medium and a firm this is the Medium they also do something really Cool where they'll do a split like Density so you could do soft on the top For your head and then more firm towards The bottom for your legs I like this one This latex pillow cost 170 bucks is it Worth it in my humble opinion I I think Yes it is worth it because that organic

Latex is expensive and it's really good High quality stuff um this is yeah this Is a pretty hefty pillow I kind of like It I think the only thing I would like Better is maybe the soft version I will Say this is like this is Super bouncy um it doesn't really have That like feathery feel to it if that Makes sense cuz it's not it's late Um but that is the only thing I think I Would like to try is maybe the soft Version since this is a medium but Otherwise I love it it's pillow is super Snuggly and huge it's pretty Epic on Paper this is super nice I mean you know This is not a lot of marketing went into It and I think that's most of the money Went into the actual product so I think That's really good you know a lot of Times we review products that are just Kind of like cheap Amazon products this Is not like that this is real atex it's A custom siiz you can do custom Configurations like Sam said and so for Like 170 bucks I think this is totally Worth it if you want a truly custom Pillow I don't really see any you know a Lot of pillows that you know I could you Know use this way I could use that way It's actually great and pretty much any Position latex doesn't really trap heat Like memory foam so just because it's Squishy and springy doesn't really mean It's going to trap heat so you know I

Think most people are going to fall in Love with this pillow definitely check It out in the link below so for the First night we are trying out out the Malof Maloof carbon cools I'm going to Put a a pillowcase on here pretty soon Good night is the night what a beautiful Night okay good night Guys next up we have got the carbon cool Pillow by Maloof malof I don't know um But you can even see it's got like all These little holes in it so it's meant To be cooling I'm assuming there's some Kind of gel in there but let's give her A Spin Mhm this one it's okay it's giving a Little bit of cooling which I Appreciate um like I said earlier I Really like to be able to kind of like Smash and mold my pillows and with Something that's like jelly like this And kind of memory foam is um it doesn't Allow for as much of that squishing as I Think I would like but I do feel the Cooling a little bit my head sinks into It a little bit I like it I think it's Just a little more dense than what I'm Used to sleeping with mhm but do you Think you would recommend this for for Sleep for backside I think I would um if You're used to a more dense pillow and You already like that I feel like it Could be totally fine for side and

Stomach sleeping and for back sleeping It's yeah it's pretty comfortable your Head sinks down into it you know who Would really like this pillow my day dad My dad's always on the hunt for like a Good cooling pillow and I think this is It's definitely got a nice little Cooling sensation so I think this a good Contender here so what you mean by Squishy is this purple pillow right yes This is very squishy see I can like mold This whatever way I want it it it's like Filled with cotton or down or something That is very like squishy and moldable Mhm I think it's scraps of memory foam Oh is it okay mhm it's like a my pillow Yeah this I like because then I'm like If I need a little more support I'm like I could just jam it you know but if I Want it to be a little thinner I can Also do that and what else is really Cool about this purple pillow I normally Don't sleep with this but what is cool About this is you can zip this up and it Kind of puts your little foam into a Tighter space so that the pillow is Actually a little firmer so this is kind Of cool cuz you can cust ciz it a little Bit as well so if you want a little more Firm you zip these up if you want it a Little softer and you want the the uh Foam more spread out you can unzip it so I like some of the Customizable pieces of this one and I

Like that I can squish it around a lot More to fit fit my mood for the Maloof Carbon cool it is pretty nice and cool I Just really couldn't connect with this Pillow for the last few months it just Kind of felt a little too springy I kept Trying to put my head in a little bit More but I do like it on the side I Think it's a good side pillow especially The king size because with the king size I can do that it's all right it's not Bad um but again I thought I felt it was Just a little bit too firm like Sam was Saying but I'm going to put a link for This as well and now for the purple Pillow this is like the adaptable pillow I should have links for this one as well Yeah it's it's just recycled bits of Memory foam nothing fancy however it is Really nice being able to just to squish It the way you want unzipping one of These and so I'm going to put a link for This one as well you know this is one of Those things like a my pillow where yeah It's maybe not the best quality it does Make the most amount of people happy so I'm going to put this one in the Description as well if you guys are Interested next up we've got two pillows This is a really like popular style it's Supposed to help align your your Cervical spine we've got the Sissi and The sigo now I'm not super crazy about Pillows like this I do love a really

Squishy pillow that I can like kind of Hug and mold my own way which this Doesn't allow for a lot of that but These pillows are very popular for a Reason so if I were to sleep on one of These I would use it the way that you See online a lot where you kind of fit Your arms into the little crevices and Just kind of lay down this Way but these are also supposed to be Really good if you're a back sleeper It's supposed to help kind of like align Your spine and keep everything in a nice Position position while you sleep There's a reason I don't sleep on my so I have to say I think this one the sigo It's a little bit softer which I do like That better but it doesn't have as Nicely like placed arm slots so if you Are a stomach or side sleeper I don't Feel like this one is as like Ergonomically it doesn't make as much Sense but it is a little bit squishier Which I like and I actually like if I Were a back sleeper which I'm not but if I were I think I like this one better Cuz it's just it's just a little bit Squishier and comfier and when I think About these Cervical pillows I love one position I Think this is a great but again I move a Lot and as soon as I go here it's it's Terribly uncomfortable um and I I do Like the different angles for the

Different you know sizes of your neck And things like that I mean this is very Comfy as well but one more inch to the Left or right and you're all messed up And I I kind of like this a little bit But it it's a little small for me I'm Kind of large um and this is a little Expensive now this one's even more firm I tend to like a softer pillow cuz I Like to kind of manipulate them even as A side pillow it's okay I don't know I Don't know if I would recommend it cuz I Mean it's it's like a one-trick pony That's this I can stay here and that's It you know and you might not like that You might move a little bit And you know I don't know how often I'm Actually going to use this to wrap my Arms around that's that's a little bit Awkward for me wrapping my arms around There I think it's great in theory it Sounds very like you know medicinal like Oh like my chiropractor recommended this But in reality it's it's a little clunky I think she's bringing her pillow over Here what is this pillow what do you got This is this is my version of the Old Faithful here it's like all bunched up Cuz I put it through the washing machine And maybe need to do that but it's just I don't know it's just like a basic Run-of-the-mill Serta pillow that I Picked up at Walmart but it's like Cotton or down or something in there and

It's just moldable and Squishy and it's I just I don't Know we'll try to find what this is and If I do find it I'll put a link below For that that is it for the ultimate Pillow comparison video hopefully I'll Find something to replace this I'll keep You guys in mind let me know in the Comments what I should review next what Can play something like this I'd really Appreciate it all right peace [Music]