Crazy Pillows You NEED To See! – 2024 Pillow Review Pt. 1

Crazy Pillows You NEED To See! - 2024 Pillow Review Pt. 1

These are some more crazy pillows we tried over the course of a year. Have you heard of any of them? We tried a pregnancy pillow, pillow cube, comfy night pillow, cervical pillows, and the purple pillow.

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✅ 1. Comfy Night Wedge Pillow 0:33
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✅ 2. Pillow Cube Combo Cube 3:30
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✅ 3. Purple Freeform Pillow 4:42
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✅ 4. Cervical Pillows 6:45
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✅ 5. Sam’s Favorite Pillow 9:20
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Yeah you do do not see what your best Move is that thing's hard as a rock I've Had this pillow since I was about 10 or 12 years old it's old it's gross it's Yellow I love it but it's time for a new One and that's where these come in yeah Hopefully we can find something to Replace that hunk of junk so we've got Bunch of stuff to try out today let's go Ahead and get on into It what if your legs are too big well Hello there what's your name I'm Rodney Big B I'm Rodney copper bottom so this is the Comfy night pillow there's all kinds of Different little Contraptions here so Let me walk you through a few different Ways that you can use this so I'm a side Sleeper um so this can either be used as A wedge for your legs or you can use This as your pillow so I'm imagining This if I were to sleep on it you can do It a couple different ways one you can Use this little divot to kind of put Your arm into and sleep this way it's Okay it's not my favorite it might take Some getting used to you could also if You didn't want to put the arm in here Could fill that and then just use it as A pillow this Way I'm imagining maybe this might work Better if you're a back sleeper they Also show that you can use this as a Wedge underneath your legs so that could

Be an option as well if you are a back Sleeper and you wanted to kind of Elevate the legs a little bit now how Does that feel as a wedge underneath Your legs it feels like it's a little Too high actually I wonder if I use it The other way if it would be any better I don't love that either so this is your Main pillow or wedge part and then There's this that you can use to put Between your legs um this could be good For a side sleeper I'm going to be Really honest I feel like my thighs are Like a little too thick for this um I Don't maybe it goes between your Calves but that feels it feels odd Um I don't know I think the idea is There and the engineering is there it's Just maybe like the Execution isn't as solid as I would like It to be with this one in particular now The reason why I didn't use this pillow Very much I just kind of felt like it Was a little too soft for me I feel like I was kind of slowly sinking in I love The fact that you actually have a a a Little pocket right here um for like a Phone or like a remote I think more Pillows should have pockets not I think About it but I never really found myself Taking this out doing this it it just Kind of feels a little lumpy like still Right here like you have to you have to Be in the right spot you know just for

It to work just right and you know if You're moving a lot like I do I'm Thrashing all night you know it was just A little bit hard for me to really Connect with this pillow and this is a Kickstarter pillow it's like $150 pillow And so it's pretty expensive but I did Like this you can strap this on your leg If you like and I have skinnier legs so It does work a little better for me it's It's not perfect but I do like that um But again if I'm not strapping this on I'm probably not going to really you Know use like I just felt like I didn't Want to like set it up I don't know if It makes sense I just kind of wanted to Go to bed and then you know I never Really used this by itself it's a little Too small it's it's all right it's just The pillow is a master of none Next up we have the pillow Cube combo Cube I think it's called now we reviewed The original during Co and that took off Like Gang Busters now they have one That's designed for your head for your Back and then if you roll to your side It's a normal pillow Cube like this so It's kind of nice because you get a Little bit of both worlds with that Little curve in the middle there so That's kind of nice um I think for the Most part if I was sleeping my back I Feel like my head is nice and secure Which I really like and then if you

Don't want to Stack Up pillows you just Want one thick pillow for your side that Kind of fits the shoulder Gap that's Pretty nice as well this is $130 though So it might be a little expensive for Most people for what it is although it Is pretty darn comfy and uh yeah I think We have an affiliate code for this as Well in the description um but overall I Think this is all right I don't know you Want to try it babe so like James was Saying the difference between the Original pillow queue that we tried a While back and this one is that it's got This kind of divot in the Middle where It's thinner and I thought when when I First looked at it that this could be a Good like oh cute let me like throw my Arm under there and then put my head on The pillow but it like puts your Shoulder so far out to be able to do That and still have your head on the Cubby part so it's definitely not meant For that so that leaves you to either Sleep on your side this way that's Pretty comy which is it's not bad I feel Like my shoulder's kind of like crunch Though cuz I normally do sleep like Hugging my pillows mhm so I feel like it Just kind of awkwardly crunches my Shoulder and that's not super comfy what About on your back on my back let us See I mean it's $130 would you still Recommend

This I personally would not but it's not Something that I would really use so I Feel like the original pillow Cube it's So small I'm I I move a lot in my sleep As well like I roll to the other side a Lot and it's it's like you got to if you Roll to the other side you have to like Take the pillow with you cuz the Original pillow cube is so small and Then this one if you roll to the other Side I guess you'd just have to finagle Your way to the other side of the pillow So I mean I know a lot of people who Have really loved these our friend Lauren uh she stayed at our house and She used like the original pillow Cube And she actually liked it so much I Think she took it with her didn't she I Think so so I do know people who really Love this pillow it's just not it's not My cup of tea and now the original is Actually considered a travel pillow so They don't even sell that as a normal Pillow now it's so small they consider That a travel pillow makes sense but Would you recommend this for S Sleepers I would not but I know a lot of People who Would next up we have the farmer do uh Pregnancy pillow u-shaped pillow it's on Amazon I bought it for $60 now it's $70 On Amazon it's a U-shaped thing and it's Really interesting you could sleep Different ways different positions I'm

Thinking you know these pregnant chicks Know what they're doing cuz I kind of Did something like this I straddled it With my legs and then I use this part With you know if I was pregnant to kind Of cradle I mean I'm kind of puffy Already this is pretty nice these Pregnant chicks know what's up so I Think this is this has potential to do a Lot and also it has this little zip off Part right here you can disc connect This part and maybe use it between your Legs or use this as its own head pillow I'm not exactly sure cuz the the Amazon Listing doesn't really show you exactly How to use it but I like how big it is Um but the the fact is this is still Quite a bit smaller than what they Advertise so just keep that in mind if You have a Pharma do it's a little bit Thinner than what they show on Amazon But I like how you could just squish This up like that I don't I don't I Don't so what I would do is I would Probably move this ZIP off thing over There go under with my arm and then all Of a sudden I have double I mean that's pretty great yeah I don't Care what people say it looks stupid we Can call this a boyfriend pillow Whatever but the idea is you know you Could adjust this any way you want I'm Going to give this like you know Probably try it you know if you've tried

A bunch of traditional pillows try a Pregnancy pillow I'm going to put the Link for this one down below all right Babe what do you think about this it is Pretty darn comfy I got to say um I Think you're right it's pregnant women Are on to something I like I like the Kind of snug factor of it I know it Sounds really weird and listen this is Probably going to be a thing that like Only women understand or women with Thick thighs but sometimes when I sleep I like having a pillow between my legs Cuz it just like I don't know I feel Like there's like it like chafes Throughout the night otherwise so I like This because it's not like it's not too Thick and it's just super it's super Comfy and and snuggly so I think out of All of the new pillows we've tested this One is definitely my favorite also if You're lonely this devil says a little Arm around you when you Sleep what did you call it a widows Something oh no that was just my grandma With the massage chair she called it the Widow's Delight this is the Widow's Delight right here [Music]