Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress Review

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress Review

This is our honest review of the Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress.
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Hey guys welcome back to the channel it Is Sam and James and today we have got The Emma Comfort hybrid we've been on This bed for about three and a half Months so let's go ahead and get into it Like Sam said we've been on this bed for About 3 or 4 months and we've been Really testing it out you know pushing It to its limits kind of giving you guys The full detail of like why we like it Now this is a 13-in hybrid mattress a Few I think about a year or two ago we Tried the memory foam Original Mattress Now the biggest difference is this has Pocketed coils so these are coils that There's a couple hundred of them and They're about 7 in thick and that's Going to be really great cuz if you're Larger like me it's going to push back It's going to last a little longer it's Not going to trap as much heat so I Generally recommend hybrids for most People another thing I like about hybrid Beds is it just offers more support and It offers a really good Edge retention It's important to note this is just the Fabric bunching out this is not the Mattress like giving um but anyway You'll notice as soon as I stand up it Springs right back to life so just like James was saying if you're a little Bigger or you like more of the kind of Like bouncy traditional mattress feel Hybrid is always the way to go I just

Love that about hybrids they're super Comfy um and this one in particular I Feel like it's a good medium bed so I Don't know maybe somewhere around like a Five six softness on a 10-point scale so For me this sleeps really well because It has a softness that I like but also Beneath that it has the support from the Coils now another great part about this Bed is it has a 365 night trial period Which only a few mattress companies I Think maybe puffy and nectar I think do That so that's really nice that you can You know reliably try this thing for a Whole year and it has a 10-year warranty Which is also really nice for this price Point like this right now for a king is Right around $800 and there's a special Coupon code down below for Memorial Day And things like that but I was really Shocked at how comfy this was especially You know all the way to the edge I'm Around 200 lb you can see it's not Really caving in much and it's super Comfy I'm I'm actually a side sleeper so This was really nice for me to sleep on My side and my back it got all these Little parts right down here that Normally caus me a lot of pain um but This was kind of a nice you know medium Uh bed a medium medium firm hybrid Mattress is hard to find now these days That is fiberglass free is around $800 Very affordable and has the 10-year

Warranty and one-year trial period so Emma you guys rocked it so now let's Talk about motion isolation so James and I definitely go to bed at different Times um and it's just really nice that You don't get a lot of motion transfer In this bed you can see if I push her on The glass It's relatively stable um but It's just nice because if you don't go To the bed at the same time as your Partner it's just nice not having all of That motion and commotion wake you up so I mean that's pretty minimal for for a Hybrid wouldn't you say mhm so it's it's Soft enough that you're not going to Feel a ton I put an egg on here so you Can see it's not going to break the egg You know people the purple videos they Show the eggs you Know just explodes look look at this It's about to topple Over maybe it's not a good test but if I'm sitting that's actually pretty Accurate that's pretty good and this This little egg here you know oh man Who now for the construction of this Mattress it actually looks pretty basic But it is very nice being able to unzip This and have a machine washable cover Now you'd be shocked how many mattresses Don't have this feature because they Actually have fiberglass in them not With this mattress this mattress is Fiberglass free you can see in the tag

It says polyester fiber right there so That's really nice you know normally in This price range you have all kinds of You know issues with fiberglass not with This bed you can just machine wash it as You want so under this fire sock we have About 1 in of their memory foam graphite Infused foam then we have the Aros cell Or aogo cell foam and then we get into The memory adapt foam a 1in layer of hrx Foam and down here is the 7 in of Pocketed coils now they actually have Different zones and I'm not exactly sure How it's all laid out I'm assuming it's A little bit firmer around the edge so That you have better Edge support and it Should be a little bit softer near the Head and the feet but I don't really Feel that too much when I'm actually on The mattress all I know is it's very Comfy and this also has handles I know It's kind of silly they're a little bit Loose but moving the mattress around is Really nice with them and then down here You can actually see it has a little Grippy bottom so all of these things all Together for right around $800 for a King I think is a pretty great deal and Also for Memorial Day there's a great Deal going on so you can check that out In the link down below and we have to Talk about the 8 sleep pod Pro we've had This for I don't know 3 or four years Now we love it and this is a great way

To upgrade your cheaper mattress Basically it's this device you fill it With distilled water and it circulates The water throughout the whole mattress Pad so there's a his and her and you can Control it with your phone it's really Nice it helps you sleep cooler at night Or warmer and um what do you think about The eight sleep pot Pro I really love it I mean it's it's hard to sleep in beds Now that don't have this whenever we Travel or different stuff it's just so Nice it keeps you nice and like Temperature regulated throughout the Night if you sleep hot you can set this To cooling if it's colder in the winter Months you can set it to heat and it's Nice CU you have separate sides so you Don't have to worry about you know Sleeping at the same temps as your Partner so this has been a game changer And I really don't know how we slept so Long without one so if you're interested In the eight sleep they have a pod 4 Right now for Memorial Day there's a Great deal this is actually the Pod 3 And I'm still very happy with it so you Could probably save a little extra money With the Pod 3 and right now if you use Code am to PM for Memorial Day you get $150 off so definitely check that out in The description below after 3 months Babe what do you think about this Mattress I really love it um I'm

Honestly like I was just telling you I'm Honestly kind of sad that we're going to Put another mattress on on this bed Tonight just because I love it so much Every once in a while you come across a Mattress that you're just like man this Is super comfy it's just checking off All the right boxes um I love that it's Soft enough for me I sleep on my stomach A lot so I like a little bit softer of a Bed but I also like it being supportive Enough that I don't sink in and like Wake up with a back ache you know so I Think it just checks all the boxes and Especially if you can get it right now When it's 50% off like that's a steal I Mean normally beds of this like quality That I like this much are at least twice The price so I I very highly recommend It I love it yeah like she said there's A special Memorial Day coupon code a Topm I think it is down in the Description but yeah for $800 one-ear Trial period it's super comfy it feels Great with her eight sleep pod Pro um no Fiberglass washable cover I mean this Really you know checks a lot of our Boxes and we highly recommend it if you Guys have any questions let us know in The comments below we try to answer all Of those Also if you want to check out the Emma Original it's over here and the eight Sleep pod Pro review is right over here

Subscribe down here we'll see you all in The next video Happy Memorial Day I'm not going all the way [Music]