How Do Sleep Studies ACTUALLY Work #shorts

How Do Sleep Studies ACTUALLY Work  #shorts

Visiting a sleep lab can feel like a scary or daunting experience. You’re spending the night away from home, you’re sleeping in a strange bed, and you are connected to a host of wires and electrodes. It’s natural to feel some anxiety. And how well are you ACTUALLY going to sleep?

Be sure to check out the full video of Tom’s sleep study.

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I can imagine you know moving around Okay at night the sensors on my legs are Designed to track any leg movements or Twitches throughout the night anything That might disrupt my sleep like Restless leg syndrome the sensors on my Chest tracked my breathing and my heart Rate if you suffer from sleep apnea you Can imagine why monitoring your Breathing and your heart rate is such an Important aspect of a sleep study like This from there sensors that were Attached to my head tracked my brain Activity measuring brain activity is how Technicians determine your sleep stage At night so you get a really accurate Sense for not only what stage you're in But also how long you're in that stage And then she attaches the box to the Wall where all of these signals from Your body gets sent to a control room That's adjacent to the room where I was Sleeping he literally just right here Showed that he had a little sleep apnea And obstructive event and he aroused and His legs kicked that's basically what We're doing when we're watching them at Night