Our REAL Thoughts! – Emma Original Mattress Review

Our REAL Thoughts! - Emma Original Mattress Review

This is our honest review of the Emma Original Mattress. Check out link and coupon code to save more! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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Ugh this is Emma's Original Mattress is It worth the money is it the most Popular for a reason let's talk about it Back to the channel guys just like James Said we have got the Emma Original Mattress here today so this is their Memory foam bed we've been on this for About a month we've really liked it so Far uh unboxing it was super easy it Came to life right away no weird Off-gassing smells or anything which is Great this foam is sturdy pure U.S so There's less harmful vocs and things Like that and then we also have a 365 Night trial period and a 10-year Warranty all right babe how's this Emma Original how's it been for you it has Been okay for me I think you've liked it Better than I have Um this bed for me it sleeps a little Firmer than what I like and especially From coming off of sleeping on a hybrid Bed that has some kind of like bounce in That traditional mattress feel to it Going to a memory foam it just it was a Long adjustment period for me personally But now that we've been on it for a While I've grown to like it but it's a Little firmer than what I would prefer We've always used this just to kind of Show you guys like foam can be really Dense and so just because it's all Memory foam doesn't mean that it's like Gonna just soak and sink in this is

Pretty springy and it has three levels Of foam so we'll get into those levels Later and overall what would you say This is out of a 10 point scale The website says it's a five but in my Humble opinion I would say it's a little More firm than that I would say this Probably sleeps at like a seven out of Ten for me what do you think yeah Probably seven or eight um you can see Like even like laying on my side like This is like a back uh a back sleeper's Perfect mattress it really supports like The lower back which a lot of beds they Just don't do that very well so having This sort of you know really supportive Feel is perfect for back and I think Stomach slippers as well but you're Mostly like a side sleeper so side and Stomach yeah so I feel like it's not a Great fit for you particularly but for Me this is this is perfect Let me see the belts let me see that ass Mouth So I mean for memory foam it does have a Little bit of a little bit of a spring Back there it's not just like Super cushy you sink right into it so It's good it's got it's got a little bit Of Bounce a little bit of bounce let's Check the edge retention as well so Normally memory foam beds don't have a Great Edge retention uh this one as you Can see it's not not an exception to

That so it's crushing in a little bit But it comes back to life really quickly So no issues there with feeling like You're gonna roll off the bed in the Middle of the night so but how does it Feel Um like I was saying earlier I feel like This is if you're a side sleeper I think This is a little too firm I don't really Like sink down like I don't feel like it Contours my body well while I'm while I'm sleeping on my side Um I could see though if you are a back Sleeper I can see this being nice and Supportive I'm just not I'm just not That kind of gal I'm not a back sleeper So for me this bed is just it's just Slightly too firm but if I'm like just Laying in bed on my back watching TV or Something it's super comfy if I get like A little pillow under my legs you know Get my whole set up Um but yeah when I'm sleeping I'm Sleeping on my side and it's just it's Just a little a little bit too firm for That This boy is 10 inches thick and it has a Nice removable cover here you can see You can wash this I would probably just Get a nice mattress protector I'm going To put one in the description because Once they get wet the foam can kind of Have issues but I would recommend just You know keeping it clean getting a nice

Protector but you can see the fire sock Right here we have high density foam That has special cutouts we have their Transition foam I think it's like a Viscose foam and then they have this Sort of gel infused memory foam they Call Ergo foam basically most mattresses Like this are very similar which is kind Of nice to see because it's a tried and True design it says It's Made in America And it doesn't have fiberglass that they Say on the label if you are looking to Upgrade your Emma mattress experience Definitely check this out this is the Eight sleep pod Pro so this is a smart Device that can totally upgrade your Sleeping experience it circulates water Throughout a mattress topper to cool and Or heat uh your mattress so if you're Looking to sleep a little cooler or Upgrade your sleeping situation Definitely check this out we have some Coupon codes and reviews of the eight Sleep so definitely be sure to check That out and go all right babe what'd You think about this bed I would say Overall I would definitely recommend it Um one because of the price I mean I Think for a nice like solid Memory Foam Bed this is a great price it's right Around like 700 I think for a king which Is like half the cost of a lot of the Competitors the only thing that I would Say is a con if you can even call it

That but this completely preferential Would be this is a little firmer than What I like and we tend to prefer a Hybrid mattress and this is just Straight up memory foam but if you like A firmer bed and you're like looking for A good budget friendly option I would Say this will check off those boxes for You for sure it's a huge company they Got a great trial period a great Warranty and you know I think most People are going to like this bed for That price and they also give us a Coupon code and there's a Labor Day deal Going on so definitely check the Description for more deals if you guys Want to check out Emma's hybrid check Out this video over here if you want to Watch more mattress videos go over here And subscribe down here see in the next Video [Music] Hello not too close to your mouth though