Setting Up The ChiliPad Dock Pro – Our Initial Impressions

Setting Up The ChiliPad Dock Pro - Our Initial Impressions

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Today we unbox the new ChiliPad Dock Pro and show you how to set it up. Full review coming soon.

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What the heck is this babe we have got The new chili pad from chili sleep so Let's unbox Her I'm guessing that's the pad looks Like it wow the doc Pro don't encourage her see what these Units look like compared to the other Ones that we've had before with the oers Instruction manual we will probably need W look how Pro that looks I know so I'm Assuming your water goes in here and You've got your two Separate little pods So looks pretty promising so far you Want to make sure you hold on to this Cuz this is what will allow you to drain Out your chili pad and your little Things completely so make sure you hold On for that little bad boy I'm Interested to see cuz didn't didn't the Old one with the ooler just have some Straps that kind of went around the Corner mhm I'm interested to see how Well this stays on the mattress all Right comes with the hoses to connect to The actual little Pods oh see this is really nice this has Like the Builtin little cover on it to keep it Snug across the bed right out of the Gate I could tell cuz the old ooler had A bunch of Like little tubes that you could feel When you were laying on it but this one

It's just mesh and it's so it's a lot It's a lot smoother like you're not Going to feel weird tubes and Stuff all right so when you're hooking Up your unit the little 90° angle side Is going to Go to the actual unit Itself and then you can either put these At the feet or the head of the bed Depending on where you want your unit to Be so we're going to put ours at the Head of the bed and then the side that's Just straight like this connects to the Side with the bed and there's this like Little divot here that this round part Fits nicely into you just click on in All right so next you actually have to Fill your little doodad up with water You do have to turn it pretty hard to Unlock It and then the lid comes off and then You have to use distilled water water so Make sure you're not just putting like Straight up tap water In we're going to fill her Up also add a little peroxide cuz as it Runs through the little pad it'll just Help like keep it a little cleaner and a Little nicer and when you're initially Setting up um the device it's probably Going to ask for more water while it's Priming so just keep a lookout for that In the app but yeah you can see see Right here that's the water indicator so

I'm going to add more water and it's Going to suck up about 2 L in total so If you don't want to use the app or You're just a little hot or just a Little cold you can reach over and just Goop bloop in the middle of the night or Turn it off so that's pretty nice in Case you're wondering what it sounds Like it's like a very small computer fan Running now when you're getting this you Have to use the Sleep me app so double Click to install step number one we Click open create account So to add a device you click the big add Button on the top we have a doc Pro Wii System so there's two for the Wii system Verify we copy the code submit It and now we're verified what are we Connecting the pro and this is really Nice because it gives you a step-by-step Guide on how to set this up minus the Bf900 allow location it says it's Connecting to the actual unit through Bluetooth so now we've registered let's Call this James James's side and it says setup is Successful just like that took about 2 Minutes and the actual user interface is Very simple straightforward you have This little dial here you can kind of go Back and forth and right now it's at 71 I'm actually going to put it at 74 because the ambient temperature here Is about 76z it's really dry it's like

12% humidity so right around 73 should Be pretty good you can set up sleep Programs so you can kind of do like the Whole uh Schedule let's call this James work week and I go to bed around 12 and I wake up around 7 or eight I Think are those selected okay I think it Could look like This so when I go to bed I I prefer Actually going to bed a lot cooler so I'm going to set it to like 68 67 set it To like 74 a.m. I want to wake up a Little bit warmer so right around 75 and then we can actually set up a Warm awake so if we want to wake up nice And warm that would be nice as well so It says it starts 15 minutes before the Wake alarm that heats the bed for 20 Minutes save program and just like that We have the whole system set up pretty Straightforward here and this is also Really nice because you can connect this To your Apple Health app so this kind of Track your sleep cycle and things like That very similar to the 8 sleep pod Pro Turn on all allow and that was also Straightforward you can set that up in Just a few clicks so this will sync Everything to one sort of database of All your health information you can even Look at it on your Apple watch so as you Can see that was really straightforward Super easy to set up the whole thing

Took about a half hour if you want to Check out the full review after a few Weeks of testing this click the video Over here also if you want to check out The eight Sate pod Pro which is a Similar competitor check out the video Over here we've tried a ton of products From chili pad and and eight sleep so if You have any questions let us know um Also down below you can see the full Playlist of all the cooling gadgets We've reviewed but I'm hoping this is Going to be the awesome you know a cool Sleeping summer so thank you guys for Watching [Music]