Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Mattress Review

Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Mattress Review

We tried the Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Mattress, which is an affordable, organic bed made in the USA . Here is our honest review!

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This is our review of The Sweet Z honey Hybrid mattress after two weeks of Testing let's talk about it so welcome Back to our Channel guys we have This now right off the bat there is a Few Because this is a hybrid as soon as we Took it out of the box it sprang to life Pretty quickly no weird off-gassing Smells or anything love that this is an Organic mattress this is 13 inches some Other things that we like about it is it Has 100 night trial period so you get to Kind of try it before you keep it which Is always nice always love that option And then this mattress also comes with a Lifetime warranty which is really great Because not a lot of companies go that Big with their warranty but what does it Feel like on the edge Edge you can definitely see it Definitely kind of crushes beneath me a Little bit normally a hybrid bed offers A little more support but like we said This one's a little softer it does have Coils around the edges to kind of Reinforce a stronger Edge but with how Springy this thing is you'll see as soon As I get up it does spring back to life Really quickly so it's very responsive And reactive but it doesn't have the Best Edge retention that I've seen in a Hybrid bed but that's all right not bad Let's see what it looks like if it's a

Good side or back or combo What do you think uh I sleep on my side A lot and I'm gonna say I don't it's not Super comfortable I don't know maybe I'm Just bigger but I feel like the heavier Parts of me like my middle here sinks in Really far and I sleep on my stomach a Lot so I feel the same thing I actually Woke up with a back ache this morning Because I just feel like my butt area Sinks down so far and so I woke up and My lower back was like just cranking so I like something that has a little more Support and just like the organic Avocado mattress this has organic cotton Organic wool latex that has all the Certificates one percent for the planet Carbon neutral and it's quite a bit Cheaper but is it any comfier overall We've been on it for two weeks what do You think about the the feel of the bed Overall and my humble opinion this is a Little softer than what I like which is I don't know I think I'm growing into More of a firm bed kind of gal Um I think this is just a little softer Than what I like out of a hybrid Mattress because normally I like that a Hybrid gives a lot of support and this One feels like you kind of sink into it A little more and if you're sleeping With somebody else you kind of sink into Each other so that's I think that's my Only gripe it's pretty comfy it's just a

Little softer than what I want so on a Scale of a one to ten where do you put This down here on the scale here I would Probably put this at like a six like Maybe just above medium I don't know What do you think probably like a five I Think the edge retention you know this Has special pocketed coils around the Whole perimeter but you can see both of Us right now it's pretty squishy and so I think maybe this is like a five maybe Maybe six all right let's show the Motion isolation So as you can see we always use the 15 Pound kettlebell here and it's really Springy but it's also really soft you Can kind of see it sinking in a little Bit can you feel me getting in bed at All So it's pretty bouncy it is but we've Noticed if we get close Don't you kind of feel like you're Sinking in toward the middle together Yeah I'm like already rolling over yeah So if you are you know two people kind Of close together you might feel kind of The roll-in feeling a little bit so um This is probably the softest organic bed We've tried now if you love The Organic You know construction but you need Something soft this is the bed for you All right show us again here Whoa Spring is springy of course we got the

Mason jar test here and all right let's See what what kind of movement we get so It's pretty good I mean it's really soft But as soon as you get about a foot away It starts knocking over the Mason jar Glass so really scientific here this was A little bit more motion than average I Would say so yeah Yeah now the price of this sweet Z honey Hybrid is around 1700 for a king you can Use code am to PM normally they give us Discounts and things like that and you Can check the description for more Details but is it worth it what do you Think I think Worth it if you If you I might look into uh something Else like we just reviewed the latex for Less bed which I feel like was a little Bit firmer when you're in this price Range I think you can get you can get a Little more but it depends on what's Important to you you know if you really Like the organic certifications this Against the avocado is going to be a lot Cheaper Um but there's also the avocado Eco so I Guess it just really depends on what You're looking for uh for me I feel like I would choose a little firmer bed over Knowing that it was organic but that's Just me so check out the description for More details and the coupon code you can Check out more mattress reviews over

Here you can check out a sleeping Gadgets over here and subscribe right Down here we'll see you guys in the next Video Now did you I'm holding like this