Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review

Sweetnight Prime Mattress Review

This is our honest review of the Sweetnight Prime Mattress after one month.

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Now this is the sweet night Prime Mattress it's an all Memory Foam bed has Some interesting contouring curves to it Which make it able to have four Different firmness levels and we'll go Into those details later but right off The bat it has a 10year warranty and 100 Night trial period and it's Ultra budget Friendly right around $800 or so for a King and we're going to have all the Details in the description as well so This is an all memory foam mattress so It doesn't have as much of that springy Feel as you're going to get with a Hybrid bed as you can see It's not not very bouncy or responsive In that way um so if you like that Hybrid feel this might not be the one For you but I will also say I feel like Sleeping on this foam I don't feel like I'm like sinking in or being sucked in And the fact that it gives you different Firmness options that could also be a Really good thing because one thing I Don't love about a memory foam bed is Like that sinking in feeling where you Just feel like you're not supported I Did not feel that with this I felt I Felt pretty supported and like there was Some push back from the foam against my Body so slept pretty comfortably I've Really liked it so far And no bouns if we tried the bed out This way it's slightly firmer I think on

My shoulders what do you think I don't Think I feel a difference hold on let me Go back to the other side first let's Let's flip around this Wayse I think this way is slightly Softer on the shoulders but they're very Similar what does it feel like It feels the same it oh my gosh after About five to 10 minutes of trying to Flip it and rotate it it doesn't feel That different does it to me it doesn't Feel different at all it feels very Similar I think this feels a little bit Firmer but the tags are kind of Confusing and I think ultimately like They all all the sides feel really great Like bottom line is they feel awesome But I don't know if it's for different Mattresses so just keep that in mind It's definitely a nice flippable Mattress but it it's so similar in the Feel between all the positions I would Almost consider this just a flippable Bed being all memory foam I was kind of Skeptical but this was super comfy and It's a very nice straightforward design For the contouring curves it has has Four different uh layers here first Layer is the gel infused cooling memory Foam then a transition foam a supportive Foam layer and a firm Comfort foam layer And then we have this nice cotton Polyester sort of checkered stretchy Topper and the really great part is

Sweet Knight doesn't have any fiberglass You know a lot of these cheap cheaper uh Beds from overseas they do but not Sweeten that's really nice to see in Here because um a lot of you know Fiberglass can come through the The Toppers and things like that but you Don't even have to worry about that with This mattress so at this price point That's really nice so another thing we Don't tend to love about memory foam Beds is they can trap a lot of heat when You're trying to sleep so enter the Eight sleep pod Pro we've talked about This in many videos before um but we Love it it circulates water water Through a Topper to kind of cool you Down in your sleep and that is amazing We have not had any issues with like Overheating in sleep on either a hybrid Or a memory foam bed so we really love It uh check it out if you're interested And then you can also use code a.m to P.m. at checkout for a little Discount this is not a flattering angle Right now one and roll okay so after About a month this bed's been surprising Like most memory fun beds they kind of Sag and sink this really didn't have any Of these problems also it's great to see A memory foam uh affordable mattress That has eitech certified um Fabric and It c p us foam so it has low voc's these Are great things to see again fiberglass

Free and for like right around $800 for A king it's a no-brainer um what are Some other closing thoughts I really Liked this bed um it surprised me I'm Kind of spoiled by hybrids I normally Don't like all memory foam beds but this One I really did slept super comfortable On it so yeah I agree with everything You said one other thing to think about Is that this mattress comes in 10 in and 12 in on the website I think the 12 in Is like $50 more might be an upgrade Worth paying for but I will say that This 10 in is super comfortable so yes So check it out in the description below For the link also we might have a coupon Code down there to save you guys some Extra money so sleep tight and have a Sweet Night well let's get it right on into It This is the sweet night Prime mattress We've had it for a whole month let's Talk this is the world's first four Firmness level mattress it has a soft Medium soft firm medium firm let's talk About it I feel like this side might Be we're all like free Britney now we're Like well she's free maybe her dad Should take things over financially