We Tried the Most Popular Bed on Amazon! – LUCID Memory Foam Mattress Review

We Tried the Most Popular Bed on Amazon! - LUCID Memory Foam Mattress Review

We finally got to review the Lucid Mattress which is the most popular mattress on Amazon. My

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So we bought the most popular bed on Amazon this is the Lucid memory foam Mattress and let's see if it's worth the 200 price tag This is one of the mattresses we bought With our own money so this is an honest Review but I bought this because it was Super affordable and people keep asking Me questions is this a good mattress all Right babe whoa what do you think about This Lucid I think it's all right um I Think if you are looking for a budget Bed this could be a great option like if You're looking to spice up your college Dorm room get a little bit nicer of a Mattress this could be for you so this Is definitely budget friendly the thing I don't love about it is that it is all Foam I'm not necessarily a fan of a Memory foam bed there are a lot of Pluses to it but there's also some cons That I don't love it does trap heat a Little more and it doesn't feel as like Supportive or springy or bouncing back As a hybrid Mite but it's great for Things like motion isolation and so I Think this could be a really great Option so you can see beneath me the bed Kind of crushes down pretty Significantly I mean there's something To be said that it's also sitting on top Of another mattress but the edge Retention is not the greatest and when I Get off it takes a minute to kind of

Come back to life but it's not bad um I Feel like for a memory foam bed that's It's kind of to be expected not the Greatest Edge retention And now I'm reminded of college when we Had these really crappy we called them Prison uh mattresses remember how Terrible those were I never called it a Prison mattress but it was super Uncomfortable yeah for sure yeah we paid A lot of money for dorms and we had the Worst mattresses and this is a queen Size yes it's soft but I think this is Comfier than those oh yeah for sure you Know I wouldn't probably say this is the Best mattress or I probably wouldn't Recommend this to everyone but if the Budget is your primary you know Requirement 200 for a queen this is you Know very comparable to the original Tough needle we had seven years ago yeah I agree and way cheaper this could also Be like a good guest bedroom bed too Yeah if if you're not sleeping on this Every night I think it's going to last a Long time now right off the bat I'm Going to say this doesn't have all the Bells and whistles it's a Memory Foam Bed there's no pocketed coils a few Years ago I reviewed my sister's Lucid Latex hybrid now that has latex and Hybrid coils this doesn't have any of That it's just memory foam it's very Very lightweight as you can see I can

Pick it up really easily and it squishes Down really easily however for 200 it's More than half the price a less than Half the price of that latex hybrid now This particular mattress on Amazon has 19 750 reviews with a total of 4.5 stars Now that's really great especially for The price a lot of mattresses in this Price point like the zionistry tried Wasn't great at all it stunk it was Really I had fiberglass issues and Honestly we just sold it instantly now This bed we've had for quite a while it Didn't have any off-gassing smells and It seems to have just a better Construction overall now this Construction is straightforward it's Three layers the first layer is 5.5 inch Inches of bamboo charcoal infused base Foam 1.5 layers of transition foam and Then the top is gel infused memory foam Now really I think that just means you Know you're just going to feel a little Bit more squishy on top it's probably Not going to last as long either now When I look at the tag it says do not Remove the cover and spot clean only There's a nice little zipper right here But I would probably just not do it it Says inner cover is 100 cotton so it Doesn't say anything about fiberglass But just to be sure don't remove this Just use a mattress protector as long as You're not ripping the mattress open I

Think you should be okay but just in Case I'm going to recommend a mattress Protector in the description as well but The Zionist we had as well really Smelled really bad this one didn't have Any off-gassing smells and it seems to Be a glued better it seems to be built Better it seems the cover is thicker so I'm not sure if I would worry too much About fiberglass but I thought I'd Mention it and again there's not a lot Going on here you can see it's really Lightweight there's a zipper but again Don't remove this because it could have Fiberglass but the bottom is real sticky So it it's not gonna it's not gonna move A lot the top is just a real basic sort Of rayon cover kind of stretchy pretty Basic and again this is probably not the Best Edge retention for a budget bed This might be just the perfect one for You now as you can see the side profile Here it's pretty nice feeling but I Think I'm slowly sinking in a little bit Now I'm 195 pounds so maybe that's why It's not really supporting me now I'm Thinking you know if I was in college or High school maybe I was like 150 pounds This would have been totally fine but Because I'm around 200 pounds I can Start to feel it you know some people Love that soft feel and some people Really like that supportive feel and I'm More of a supportive field kind of

Person especially if you sleep on your Stomach couple things about this bed is It comes in two options firm and plush That's really nice because you can kind Of pick what kind of firmness level you Want also it has a 10 year warranty and I think Amazon has a 30-day trial period Still with mattresses which is really Nice and it has 30 pure us foam so all The phone come in here is safe it has Low vocs which is really nice to see for This price point and also I've noticed This doesn't come with a box spring or Anything like that but it should work Well with any platform bed as well you Know overall I'm thinking to myself this Is sort of like that tuft needle bed we Reviewed seven years ago would I buy it Again probably not because I can spend An extra 200 and get that latex hybrid That I reviewed down below but I'm going To put an affiliate code because I know A lot of people you know they only have Two hundred dollars and so if you only Have two hundred dollars maybe it's your First mattress consider getting this one If you guys have any questions let me Know in the comments peace oh yeah Foreign [Music]