Was This Worth It? #shorts

Was This Worth It?  #shorts

Visiting a sleep lab can feel like a scary or daunting experience. You’re spending the night away from home, you’re sleeping in a strange bed, and you are connected to a host of wires and electrodes. It’s natural to feel some anxiety. And how well are you ACTUALLY going to sleep?

Be sure to check out the full video of Tom’s sleep study.

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Visiting a sleep lab can be a daunting Experience you're away from home you're In a strange environment you're hooked Up to all of those wires not to mention You wouldn't be going through this if Your doctor didn't suspect there's Something wrong with your sleep it's Natural to feel apprehensive so I Visited the Overlake Hospital Sleep Lab In Bellevue Washington and I got the Lowdown on what you can expect when you Show up at a lab for a sleep study this Is the room that you're going to be Staying in tonight and the rooms were Nice I mean no one was going to mistake This for a hotel but they were way more Comfortable than I first expected