Dreamcloud 1-Minute Mattress Review

Dreamcloud 1-Minute Mattress Review

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If you’re looking for a mattress that lives up to its name, look no further than the DreamCloud. This luxury hybrid features thick foam layers that cushion and cradle your body — our testing team likened their experience with the DreamCloud to lying on a cloud. At the same time, the DreamCloud features robust pocketed coils to ensure excellent overall support for your body. Extra perks for shoppers include a reasonable price-point, free shipping within the contiguous U.S., and a full year to test the mattress before deciding to keep it.

But is the DreamCloud the best mattress for you? In our DreamCloud review, Tom breaks down everything you need to know about the mattress in terms of construction, performance, and pricing.

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The dreamcloud slots as a really Affordable hybrid mattress with a medium Firm feel the bed uses multiple foam Layers on top of a coil core and each of Those coils are individually wrapped and They move independently of one another So this design in the base helps reduce Motion transfer across the surface of The bed in fact the dreamcloud scored Pretty well in our motion isolation Testing here in our test lab that Quilted cover and then multiple foam Layers along with those pocketed coils Really do help absorb a good amount of Movement that said the foam layer s can Sink slightly making it a little bit Harder to move across the bed it also Doesn't have the best Edge support so That could limit the usable surface area Of the bed itself now with all that Being said s sleepers between 130 lb and 230 lb we think are going to love this Bed your hips and your shoulders will Sink just the right amount and your back Will stay in a really proper healthy Alignment back sleepers in the same Range and stomach sleepers under 130 lbs We think are also going to be pretty Comfortable but you should note that They might be better more supportive Options out there however if you are Looking for the benefits of a hybrid bed Without paying some of those traditional Hybrid bed prices then the dreamcloud is

A wonderful pick