Helix Midnight 1-Minute Mattress Review

Helix Midnight 1-Minute Mattress Review

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If you’re a side sleeper searching for a new mattress, the Helix Midnight is a solid pick. Helix offers a wide range of bed in a box mattresses, and each one is designed with certain types of sleepers in mind. The Midnight is geared toward side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, but our hands-on tests show the mattress is comfortable and supportive enough for side and back sleepers across different body types. In our Helix Midnight mattress review video, Lacey breaks down how this bed is constructed and where it really shines.

If the Midnight doesn’t sound quite right, our team has tested every Helix mattress. Check out our full Helix Mattress Review for more details:

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This is one of our overall favorites the Helix midnight combines memory foam and Pocketed coils to give you an even Balance of support and pressure relief Our testers found that the foam cradled Their sensitive pressure points while The coils prevented them from sinking Too deeply this was a top pick among the Side sleepers in our test lab when you Sleep on your side pressure builds Around your shoulders and hips the Memory foam in the Helix midnight Contoured evenly without letting our Testers sink too deeply this resulted in Straight spines excellent pressure Relief and a well-rested night's sleep We also love this bed for couples thanks To its excellent motion isolation the Support core absorbs enough movement That you shouldn't be disturbed by your Partner's nighttime fidgeting Helix also Offers this bed in the Lux Edition for a Little extra you can upgrade the Materials and design for a more Luxurious experience