Helix Midnight Luxe 1-Minute Mattress Review

Helix Midnight Luxe 1-Minute Mattress Review

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The Helix Midnight Luxe offers a good blend of comfort and balance, and is an excellent choice for most side sleepers. Its thick foam layers allow sleepers to sink into the surface and alleviate pressure, while strong coils provide support for proper spinal alignment. The mattress also provides sleepers with a balanced feel. This means the surface contours to bodies, and yet retains its responsiveness.

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This is the Helix midnight Lux this is a Hybrid bed which means it has coils in The base and then layers of foam on top In our testing we found that the coils In the midnight Lux really helped with Air circulation the foam and then the Pillow top covers conformed to your body Without trapping too much heat what this Means is you're going to get the Benefits of some great pressure relief While staying cool throughout the night A nice little combo there the side Sleepers on our team loved the medium Firm feel of the midnight Lux the top Foam layers reduced pressure build up Around the shoulders and hips and it Kept spines in a neutral healthy Alignment now with that being said Stomach and back sleepers over 230 lbs Are probably going to want something That's a little more supportive now we Think the midnight Lux is a great Allaround bed that's going to be Suitable for most people the price for This bed is around $1,800 for a queen so If you're looking for just a simple Straightforward very cooling bed the Midnight Lux is a great pick