Nolah Evolution 1-Minute Mattress Review

Nolah Evolution 1-Minute Mattress Review

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Nolah describes itself as a “sleep technology” company, and their Evolution 15 certainly features some ingenuity. From proprietary “AirFoam” to an “HDMax TriZone” support core, there is A LOT happening in this bed.

But do these innovative materials really make a difference in how you sleep? Join Lacey as she provides an in-depth review of the Nolah Evolution 15, and shows you what our testing found about the bed’s actual performance.

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The Nola Evolution 15 gets its name in Part because it stands 15 in high it is The highest profile bed on our list so Just keep that in mind when you're Buying sheets Deep Pockets guys the Nola Is a hybrid bed it's available in three Different firmness options to suit your Needs we found the foam layers provided A really excellent balance of support And cushion and the coil layers keep Your body in a proper healthy alignment In fact the coils in the base are zoned Which is unique on this list and what That means is that it gives you stronger Support around your torso and then Softer support around your legs and your Arms now one of the places where the Nola excelled in our testing this year Was Edge support and as I just said a Bed with a strong Edge can be really Important for couples or those of you With mobility issues and the edge Support on the Nola was a standout it Performed better than comparable hybrids Better than beds made with latex and the Conclusion in our test lab was that it Was one of the best performing beds in This particular category last year so Overall a lot to love about the Nola Evolution 15