The Best Mattresses for HOT Sleepers — Our Favorite Picks!

The Best Mattresses for HOT Sleepers — Our Favorite Picks!

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Mattress brands like to make a lot of claims about how their beds will help you sleep cool at night. With graphite-infused memory foam, perforated layers, “snow and ice” phase change material… it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We’ve put each mattress in our test lab through a battery of tests to help you determine the REAL best cooling mattresses. Join Tom as he describes what hot sleepers SHOULD be looking for in a bed, as well as our top recommendations for mattresses to keep you cool.

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Nobody likes waking up sweaty but you Know some of us just can't help it Here's the good news it might not be you It might be your mattress mattress Brands have put a lot of work into Making comfortable beds that also sleep Very very cool we put each mattress in Our test lab through a battery of heat Tests so let's take a look at some of Our favorite mattresses to keep you cool Now if you sleep hot a cooling mattress Can make a really big difference and Brands are going to make a lot of claims About all the genius engineering they've Done to make their beds sleep the Coolest but generally speaking if you're Looking for a bed to keep you cool there Are a few key things to look for first Prioritize the hybrid bed which is one That is made with coils in the base and Then layers of foam or latex on top Those memory foam mattresses are Attractive because they tend to cost Less but look foam is notorious for Trapping heat and all foam beds are the Worst offenders next look for a comfort Layer that doesn't conform too closely To your body firmer beds are going to Keep you cooler because you're going to Feel like you're sleeping on the bed Rather than really sinking into it and Then our final tip is speaking of Sleeping in a bed if you absolutely must Sleep on memory foam avoid beds with

Super plush layers you want to avoid a Thick layer that heats up and then Conforms to your body and hey there's Something on this list catches your eye We'll leave a link to the most updated Discounts in the description below Alright let's jump into our top five Mattresses for hot sleepers Now of all the beds we tested the Helix Midnight was one of our favorites it's a Hybrid bed which means it has coils in The base and then foam layers on top Those coils will help hot air pass Through the bed which keeps you cool at Night now in our testing we found the Coils in the Helix midnight really Helped with air circulation the pillow Top cover is also nice and breathable Side sleepers will really appreciate the Medium firm feel of this mattress the Top foam layers are going to reduce Pressure buildup around the shoulders And the hips now with that said stomach And back sleepers over 230 pounds are Probably going to want something a Little more supportive if you really Want to up your Helix game you can spend A little more money on the midnight Lux The Lux model comes with two layers of Foam beneath that pillow top cover You're going to get added support from The polyfoam transition layer before you Hit those coils now if you can't decide On a model and I don't blame you like

Helix has quite a few you can take the Helix sleep quiz over on their website You'll answer just a few questions about Your preferences and your body type and Then Helix will point you in the right Direction now while the midnight and the Midnight Lux are more expensive than Other hybrid options this still stands As one of our top cooling mattresses If you need a bet on a budget we really Like the nectar Premiere all foam model And I know what you're thinking didn't You just say all foam beds are bad for Hot sleepers yes but uh trust us on this One the nectar is different then hey if You're not sure it's gonna work for you Nectar offers a generous 365 night sleep Tryout now let's talk about the premiere So on top the premiere features a Breathable fabric cover that helps Wick Away moisture and it actually does feel Quite cool to the touch then those Comfort layers are gel infused using a Phase change material that helps Regulate temperature throughout the Night we also think the nectar Premiere Is your best option if you're a hot Sleeper who really needs a supportive All foam bed in our testing we found Side sleepers over 130 pounds received All the support they needed and because Of its medium firm feel if you weigh Under 130 pounds you should also feel Quite well supported that said this

Mattress is ideal for most back sleepers We should point out though that stomach Sleepers may need something with a Little bit more support now we also love Of the price of the nectar for around a Thousand dollars you can get a really High quality supportive bed that's Delivered straight to your door The saatva latex hybrid is our top pick If you're looking for you know a little Bit of luxury in your bed we found that This mattress is ultra responsive it's Like you're lying on the bed not in it Thanks to those latex layers now you're Going to get plenty of airflow Throughout the bed because of the coils In the base and then naturally Breathable material latex beds in General are going to sleep much cooler And we love to recommend them to anyone Who sleeps hot so on top you're going to Get an organic breathable cotton cover That helps regulate the surface Temperature of the bed now below that is A layer of zoned talalay latex it has Small ventilation holes that are going To help air move throughout the bed and As we've been saying latex just doesn't Trap as much heat in general at least Not as much as foam now like other Hybrids the coil support core is going To circulate air through the core of the Bed and then the medium firm feel of This mattress keeps you from sinking and

Then trapping more heat this also makes The sofa latex ideal for back and Stomach sleepers between 130 and 230 Pounds the latex layer cradles your body To relieve pressure while the coils keep You from sinking and overheating and of Course luxury items come with a luxury Price tag and that's the case here so Just keep that in mind as you shop Next up is the Layla hybrid mattress now I happen to be a side sleeper and when I Tested this mattress I loved how the top Foam layers of the Layla do a really Good job of cushioning my hips and my Shoulders the coil base is incredibly Helpful here the structure allows air to Flow through the core of the bed and Just prevents heat from building up Layla is of course known for their Flippable mattresses one side is a Medium soft and that rates about a 5 out Of 10 on our firmness scale and then the Firm side rates about a 7 out of 10. we Like the medium soft side for most side Sleepers and those of you under 230 Pounds on the other side we like the Firm for heavier back and stomach Sleepers now regardless of which side You do end up choosing both are going to Feature copper gel infused memory foam Which is designed to draw heat away from The body and the firm side is naturally Going to be a little bit more cooling Because it has a little bit less foam

The soft side conforms to your body and Traps just a little bit more heat but With that being said I found cover very Breathable and that's just an additional Element to regulate temperature play Around with the Layla hybrid to see Which works for you just make sure you Have a friend or partner to help flip The bed It is a little heavy All right well speaking of a partner Anyone who shares a bed with a partner Knows how difficult it can be to find One that works for both of you and if You both sleep hot then we recommend the Bear Elite hybrid the bear was built With temperature control in mind from Top to bottom it all starts with the Cover it's made from a blend of Polyester Salient and phase change Material all three of these combined to Help regulate body temperature at night Next you've got a copper infused memory Foam in the comfort layers to really Help reduce heat retention and then There are cutouts in the polyfoam Transition layer and then pocketed coils In the base all of these help increase Airflow throughout the mattress couples Can choose between three different Firmness options and in our testing we Really found the luxury firm option was The most balanced side sleepers and back Sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds were

Very comfortable in our testing stomach And heavier side sleepers prefer the Extra firm model while lightweight side And back sleepers really did like the Luxury plush in the end the bare Elite Hybrid can accommodate a wide range of Body weights sleep positions and Temperature needs it really is an ideal Middle ground for most of you couples Out there Well that's it for some of our picks for Our best cooling mattresses for more Information on each of these as well as Some of our other favorite picks head on Over to and if you'd Like to see our overall best mattresses Of the Year well check out our video About that right here thanks for Watching everyone sleep well