The Best Organic Mattresses — Our Top Five!

The Best Organic Mattresses — Our Top Five!

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You might want an organic mattress to ease your allergies, or maybe you want to make sure a purchase this big is environmentally friendly?

Either way, you’re faced with a ton of options when shopping for something organic.
So let’s talk about what you need to know during your buying process, and look at our top five picks for organic mattresses.

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You might want an organic mattress to Ease your allergies or maybe you want to Make sure a purchase this big is just Environmentally friendly either way You're faced with a ton of options when Shopping for something organic so let's Talk about what you need to know during Your buying process and look at our top Five picks for organic mattresses All right before we dive in let's talk About what makes an organic mattress Well organic there are some main Certifications you're going to want to Look for as you shop first there is the Global organic textile standard which We're going to refer to throughout this Video as gots then there's the global Organic latex standard which we'll call G-o-l-s there's ecotecs the Eco Institute the rainforest Alliance you Get the idea mattress companies are Going to be really proud about these Certifications they're going to boast About their sustainable products so Finding proof of these certifications Should not be too difficult all right Let's start out with the Birch mattress This is a hybrid bed which means it Features a layer of organic natural Tally latex and then a base of Individually pocketed coils but Birch Has also added this organic cotton cover And underneath that a natural wool Batting layer we love this bed because

Layers combine to offer a really Excellent cushion you really do feel Cradled by this bed latex though by its Very nature is going to be much firmer Than something like memory foam it's Very unique substance to sleep on so That in conjunction with the coil base Gave our testing team excellent support Regardless of the body type our testing On the Birch also found an excelled Temperature control metallic latex layer Is ventilated to help with Cooling and Of course the hybrid nature of the bed Means you won't worry about heating up Throughout the night we love this bed For sleepers of just about any body Weight and sleeping style but we think It's ideal for most side sleepers and Use stomach sleepers out there of course The Birch holds a number of Certifications they are proud to boast They include certifications from gots The PGC rights and wool Integrity Program green guard and the Eco Institute so plenty of certifications to Make sure you're getting the right Organic mattress Next up we have the satva latex hybrid As a brand soft as well known for making Luxurious eco-friendly products their Latex hybrid you know really kind of Takes those things to the next level the Mattress uses a bunch of organic natural And recycled materials throughout its

Construction it's one of the most Eco-friendly beds that we've seen on the Market as the name suggests this is a Hybrid bed and that means it has a base Of pocket coils on top of that are Layers of talalay latex followed by a Layer of organic wool batting underneath The cover and that cover is made from a Gots certified organic cotton saatva Also finishes with an eco-friendly Antimicrobial treatment which is greener Than many of the chemical sprays used by Other mattress companies now we Especially like the sofa latex for back And stomach sleepers under 230 pounds we Found that that responsive latex layer Kept bodies on an even really healthy Plane we also like this bed for side Sleepers Who weigh over 130 pounds we Found that this group slept comfortably Throughout the night and reported min Animal pressure build up in areas like The shoulders and the hips speaking of Pressure relief the sofa latex hybrid Features zoned transition and support Layers the bed has thicker coils and Areas around the Torso and then thinner Coils near your head and your limbs what That means is that you get really Targeted support and pressure relief in Short you get a really high quality Supportive and eco-friendly mattress in The sofa latex hybrid All right well if you tend to sleep hot

Most of the beds on our list are going To be great picks but we love just how Cool we slept on the winkbeds Eco Cloud Hybrid so in our testing we found this To be one of the best temperature Regulating organic mattresses on our List the Eco cloud is made from organic Breathable materials like cotton wool And latex that top layer of cotton wool Cools the mattress and Wicks moisture Away from you as you sleep and the Support core leaves ample room for Airflow which will also help reduce heat Retention think of it this way based on The way it's constructed you're going to Sleep on this bed not really sink into It when you sink into layers of the bed Heat gets trapped around your body and Because latex is much more responsive Almost kind of like a buoyant material It's going to be better at dispersing Heat throughout the bed I loved how this One feels it's plush it adapts more Closely than other latex hybrids I've Tested and the zoned comfort and support Layers kept my body in a really Comfortable position our testing team Found that side sleepers and back Sleepers under 130 pounds are gonna love This bed now with that said side Sleepers over 230 pounds might want Something with a bit more pressure Relief generally speaking though stomach And back sleepers of all shapes and

Sizes should feel cool and very Comfortable on the wink beds ecocloud One more thing the Eco cloud is Certified inside and out winkbed uses Gots certified cotton in New Zealand Wool in the top cover the latex is Rainforest Alliance approved meaning the Rubber trees were grown and harvested Sustainably so overall a ton of great Organic materials in this one Next let's talk about the Nola natural 11. this is a bed that we love for you Side sleepers out there the Nola 11 Features a deep Comfort System with two Latex layers giving side sleepers all The support and pressure relief they Need you're also getting extra Reinforcement around the hips and Shoulders thanks to a zoned support core Side sleepers under 130 pounds might Need a little bit more sink but they Should still be very comfortable back Sleepers under 230 pounds and Lightweight stomach sleepers also felt Very comfortable on the Nola 11. now on Top we have a gots certified organic Cotton and wool cover it's going to help Keep the mattress cool while promoting Air circulation throughout in fact our Testing found that next to the equal Cloud we just talked about this is one Of the top rated on this list for Temperature control now below the Nola 11 features two inches of Airy and

Really responsive talale latex Italy is Lighter and more breathable than Dunlop Latex what you're going to see is that Often these are both used a lot when Describing organic beds but the terms Dunlaw mentality simply refer to the Manufacturing process talale is a bit More involved and expensive Dunlop tends To be cheaper and less labor intensive To produce we did find the service of This bed a little too bouncy latex again Is naturally more responsive than Something like foam so if you're Co-sleeping with a Restless partner or Maybe just a Restless pet you might want Something with a little less bounce Finally let's take a look at the Plush Bed's signature Bliss this is one of the Newer beds on our list it was just Released in 2023 and it's full of Organic ingredients the bed features a Plush pillow top made with three inches Of Dunlop latex the latex is certified Organic it's going to give you that Feeling of sleeping on the bed rather Than in it beneath that is a coil core That's made with five different zones You can also choose between two Different firmness options those on our Testing team under 230 pounds especially Those of us who were back in side Sleepers really did prefer the medium Feel of this mattress not too firm not Too plush on the other side testers over

230 pounds really preferred the medium Firm models that was to be expected on The sustainability side the signature Bliss holds all the certifications you Might be looking for they use g-o-l-s Approved latex and gots certified wool And cotton the bed is also certified Organic by the USDA and the forest Stewardship Council ensures the rubber Trees are sustainably Brown and Cultivated so plenty to love about the Signature Bliss well that's it for some Of our favorite organic mattresses there Are plenty more to choose from over on Our page over at We'll leave a link to that below as well As a link to the latest discounts on Each of the beds that we mentioned today And if you're in the market for an Organic pillow to go with your organic Bed well we have a video for you all About that right here thanks for Watching everyone sleep well