The Best Queen Sized Mattress — Our Top Picks!

The Best Queen Sized Mattress — Our Top Picks!

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Looking for the perfect queen sized mattress for you and your partner? Look no further! In this video, Tom and Mark share their top picks for the best queen sized mattresses of the year. Don’t settle for a sagging mattress that leaves you feeling like you’re sleeping in a taco.

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In a queen size mattress you get a Versatile size that's right for couples And comfortably fits in most bedrooms And since the price of a queen is Usually quite modest queen size Mattresses are some of the most popular Sizes on the market so let's jump in and Check out the best queen size mattresses Of the year Hey everyone I'm Tom and I'm Mark a Queen size mattress is really that Perfect balance of a bed that gives you And a partner enough space to be Comfortable while not taking up your Entire bedroom yeah let's not forget if You sleep in a bed by yourself a queen Also offers plenty of space to stretch Out yeah so nice but at this size There's a few things you want to look Out for to make sure that you're getting A quality bed yeah with the larger sleep Surface of a queen size mattress you Want to make sure that the bed is Comfortable throughout but also Importantly sturdy along the edges Absolutely let's take a look at some of Our favorite queen beds all right Mark First let's take a look at the dream Cloud Premiere mattress so the dream Cloud is a high quality hybrid mattress That means it's built with a plush Euro Top and then a sturdy coil support core Now both of these are going to work Together to give you a balance of spinal

Support and pressure relief but Mark one Of the things that we really noticed About this bed was how well our testing Team was supported absolutely in my Testing I found that the support Provided by those coils kept my spine Aligned no matter if I was sleeping on My back side or stomach that support Also extends out to the reinforced edges I found that the edges of the dream Cloud compressed far less than other Hybrid beds yeah and that's important Because if you tend to sleep near or on The very edge of the bed you're not Going to feel like you're going to roll Off now the other thing that we really Like about this bed is it's motion Isolation yeah a lot of the time we find That hybrid beds transfer a fair amount Of motion across the surface which can Lead to waking up a partner when you get In or out of bed with the dream Cloud I Found that the Euro Top really helped to Dampen any vibrations from spreading to The other side of the bed yeah so Between the motion isolation and the Overall support this would be a great Queen bed for anyone out there Especially couples Next let's take a look at the nectar Premiere mattress the nectar Premiere is An all-foam bed which means it has three Layers of memory and polyfoam what this Means is the bed Contours to the shape

Of your body and relieves pressure while The foundational layers of foam keep you From sinking so far that your back and Neck fall out of alignment yeah so on The queen sides we found that the nectar Premiere excelled when it came to Pressure relief we typically see a fair Amount of pressure relief on most all Foam beds but the premiere performed Even better than average especially when It came to the side sleepers on our Testing team yeah with side sleeping we Often see pressure build up around the Hips and shoulders but the nectar did an Excellent job at cradling those areas And dispersing any uncomfortable Pressure points yeah that's right so This is going to be a great bed for you Side sleepers out there or even athletes Who have sore joints and muscles after a Workout right an excellent pressure Relieving queen bed from nectar All right next up let's talk about the SAT for classic now this is a queen size Bed in the luxury category so what that Means is this bed is built with durable Really high quality materials and we Especially love the attention to detail But as with most other stop-a products This does mean that it comes with a bit Of a luxury price point that's true but At that luxury price you're getting a Bed with a really excellent balance of Pressure relief and strong support in my

Testing I found that the saatva classics Thick Comfort layer alleviated and Dispersed pressure better than most Other hybrid beds while the pocketed Micro coils provided strong and targeted Support that kept my midsection from Sinking too far into the bed yeah we Really like this bed for just about any Body type and really any sleeping Position it's just that versatile now The other thing that we really like are Some of those small aesthetic touches on The bed like the piping and the Embroidery across the sides and surface Of the bed it really kind of gives it Just that whole luxury vibe to it when You look at it one of the other things We really like about this bed was its Heat retention or lack thereof when Testing this bed I found that the Surface didn't heat up much while lying On the bed and it was also quick to Return to the ambient temperature of the Room this would be a great choice for Anyone who sleeps hot yes with the sofa Classic you're going to get a high Quality durable queen size bed that's Going to keep you cool throughout the Night Next let's check out the winkbed now the Winkbed is a pretty popular bed around Here and for good reason this mattress Is a hybrid bed that's available in four Different firmness options so no matter

Your sleeping position or body weight There's a wink bed out there for you Yeah now like you said Mark the winkbed Is a hybrid bed so that means there's Going to be a comfort layer on top and Then a coil system below that The coil system is unique on this one It's made up of zones which are targeted To provide strong support where your Body most needs it and we found that This support combined with the thick Comfort layer was great for sleepers who Frequently experience back pain and no Matter if I was lying on my back or my Side that Comfort layer worked to Disperse pressure across the surface of The bed while the zoned coils kept my Back and neck in healthy alignment in General we recommend against stomach Sleeping if you're someone who Experiences back pain yeah that's a Great point but if you are a back or a Side sleeper who's looking for a great Hybrid queen size bed the winkbed is a Great one to check out All right Mark finally we come to the Birch mattress now I know you've said in The past that this is one of your Favorites tell us why that is this bed Like a lot of others on our list is a Hybrid bed but what sets it apart from The others is that it's a latex hybrid Bed meaning that that top Comfort layer Is made with layers of cotton wool and

Talale latex and besides the coils in The base all the materials that make up The bed are certified organic yeah we Should probably note that if you're not Familiar with latex this is a substance That's naturally derived from the sap of A rubber tree and if you think that Sounds unique well the feeling of Sleeping on a latex bed is also going to Be quite unique it's going to feel quite Bouncy very responsive it's also going To sleep much cooler than most other Materials so if you're sleeping on a Latex bed you're also going to kind of Have this Sensation that you're sleeping On the bed rather than really sinking Into it absolutely and you know all of That came through during my testing as Well while lying on the Birch the Surface of the bed remained much cooler Than typical hybrid bed is built with Memory foam additionally I found that The bed provided strong support for even Spinal alignment for back sleepers and Stomach sleepers we did find that there Was a bit of pressure build up around The hips and shoulders for side sleepers But that's pretty typical yeah so if you Are a stomach or a back sleeper looking For a cooling durable and organic queen Size bed the Birch may be a great one to Keep your eye on foreign Mark well those are our picks for the Best queen size mattress for more

Information on these or for a few more Of our favorites check out if you're interested In more of our favorite mattresses check Out our video right here all about the Best mattresses of the year thanks for Watching everyone sleep well