THIS is what happens when you DON’T use CPAP

THIS is what happens when you DON'T use CPAP

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Finally I want to address something that Is super common among CPAP users and That's lack of consistent use of their Machine or not using their machine Through their entire sleep period when You don't use your CPAP you have sleep Apnea and you're missing out on all the Healthy benefits of sleep in fact if You're only using your CPAP for the First 4 hours of the night you're Missing treatment during REM sleep or Dream sleep which is more common in the Second half of the Night Dream sleep has So many important functions so it's Really important to cover that sleep Phase so you get all the benefits of CPAP as a reminder CPAP is the gold Standard treatment for sleep apnea and It's important that you address any of These concerns so you get the most Effective treatment each and every night