Why You Could Be Sleepwalking And Not Even Know It

Why You Could Be Sleepwalking And Not Even Know It

Sleepwalking is usually stereotyped in movies and tv as something humorous and silly. And it can be! But it also can be quite serious.

Sleepwalking is also known as somnambulism. It usually occurs during deep sleep and it’s most common in children, though adults to sometimes engage in sleepwalking, as well.

We cover what sleepwalking is, why it happens, and what you can do about it if you — or someone you know — is a sleepwalker.

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2:01 What are the Causes of Sleepwalking?
3:56 What Are the Dangers of Sleepwalking?
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We see people sleepwalking in movies and On TV all the time you might throw the Term around in casual conversation like Early on a Monday morning when you feel Like you're sleepwalking through the Work day but plenty of people mostly Children actually struggle with Sleepwalking and sleepwalking can be Scary disorienting and dangerous so Let's talk a little about what Sleepwalking is why it happens and what You can do about it if you or someone You know is a sleepwalker sleepwalking Is also known as somnambulism and it Usually occurs during deep sleep a Sleepwalker will usually perform complex Actions while they're still asleep like Getting dressed moving furniture and yes Walking around sleepwalking falls under A sleep disorder family known as Parasomnias parasomnias are defined as Any unusual behaviors during sleep this Includes sleep talking and sleep Terrors These disorders sit on the border of Sleep and wakefulness that's why the Actions seem highly unusual for someone Who's supposed to be asleep but still You can usually identify sleep walking By a few telltale signs first they might Have glassy eyes with a Blank Stare on Their face in fact most people sleepwalk With their eyes open second they might Perform routine tasks like getting Dressed or eating breakfast third

Sleepwalkers could engage in sexual Behavior also known as sexomnia and Finally some may also urinate in places That aren't the bathroom we should point Out that in rare cases these behaviors Can turn violent or extremely dangerous Some Sleepwalkers have been caught Trying to drive their cars and that Likely isn't going to end well so should We be worried about a bunch of Sleepwalking people getting behind the Wheel no for starters sleepwalking is More common in young children than Adults one study found that about one in Three kids between 2 and 13 years old Experience a sleepwalking episode Meanwhile only about four percent of Adults report sleepwalking but putting An exact number on it is tough because People don't remember sleepwalking Unless they get caught in the act they Could go their whole lives is not Knowing the Sleepwalk there is not one Main factor that causes sleepwalking the Best we can say is that it happens During deep sleep when something Partially wakes you up but not enough to Consider yourself awake so while we Can't say for certain what causes Sleepwalking we've narrowed it down to a Handful of factors that could put you at A higher risk the first factor is that It runs in the family in fact there's a 50 50 chance that if a parent sleep

Walks their children will too next sleep Deprivation could also play a role You'll spend more time in deep sleep After sleep deprivation which puts Yourself at a higher risk of Sleepwalking third pay attention to what Medications you're taking some Medications knock you out cold and this Sedative sleep also has been shown to Increase your chances of sleepwalking Fourth mind your booze alcohol messes With your sleep stages which can cause Sleepwalking among other parasomnias Another possible cause of sleep blocking Could be a head injury studies show that Brain injuries head trauma basically Anything that causes your brain to swell All can lead to sleepwalking but perhaps It wasn't injury but rather just being Sick beavers especially in children have Been linked to sleepwalking episodes as Well and finally stress could be a Factor too there's a clear line between Stress and bad sleep too much stress Will increase your risk of sleepwalking And other parasomnias your stress could Be physical emotional or caused by a Sudden change for example when you're Trying to sleep while traveling another Thing to know is that sleep disturbances Don't exist in a vacuum there's often Another underlying condition that's Triggering your sleepwalking obstructive Sleep apnea or Osa is one Osa is when

Your Airway gets blocked at night Causing lapses of breath it can be Enough to kick you out of deep sleep Without waking you up leading to a Sleepwalking episode restless leg Syndrome or RLS is another it's when you Feel the urge to move your legs at night When lying down like Osa this can cause Nighttime arousal without waking you up Now instead of shaking your legs you're Walking around we can often think of Sleepwalking as a humorous Act something Associated with slapstick comedy there Are more than a few social media Accounts that show people doing Ridiculous things when they sleepwalk And sure it can be funny but it can also Be very dangerous so yeah Sleepwalk how Much trouble can it be In August 2017 a New York boy stole a Car from a hotel parking lot and drove Onto the Interstate while sleepwalking Then he allegedly pulled over and Started walking in the middle of the Highway in December 2017 a UK man fell Down the stairs while sleepwalking Leaving him with a severe spinal injury Thankfully he regained his ability to Walk after years of intensive PT and in A blend of both comedy and the severity Of sleepwalking the comedian Mike Birbiglia is open about jumping from a Hotel window while he was sleepwalking There are two important details one I

Was on the second floor Two the window was closed so I jumped Through a window like the Hulk He escaped with only 33 stitches but Still in most cases sleepwalking doesn't Require any immediate interventions Episodes are far and few between and Don't pose much risk to the Sleepwalker Treatment ultimately depends on the Person's age how frequently they Sleepwalk and how much danger they pose To themselves and others if it does Reach a concerning Point here are some Steps you can take to ensure a Sleepwalker safety whether it's you or Someone you love keep weapons and sharp Objects locked away and Out Of Reach Close and lock all doors and windows Clean up toys and remove any tripping Hazards from the floor and consider Installing motion sensor lights if it's Really bad consider door alarms that Alert you when someone leaves the room Or climbs out of bed you can also try Anticipated Awakening to prevent someone From sleepwalking most Sleepwalkers Experience an episode at the same time Every night if you can wake them up Before they do you can avoid the Sleepwalking episode alternatively Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is a Type of of mental therapy that can Counteract negative thoughts and actions It's been proven to improve sleep for

Patients with insomnia and can prevent Stress-related sleepwalking episodes There are no anti-sleep walking drugs on The market however you can try melatonin Supplements to help you sleep at night Talk with your doctor before trying any Prescriptions or over-the-counter Options if you catch someone in a Sleepwalking episode don't jar them Awake it can be confusing and Disorienting they may lash out in fear Or anger instead gently guide them back To bed speak in a calm voice and use Light touches to direct them if you have To wake them up do so as gently as Possible Oh my God Sleepwalking isn't super common still it Can be disturbing dangerous and scary For those who struggle talk with your Doctor if sleepwalking is becoming a Problem it may be a sign of an Underlying sleep condition thanks for Watching everyone sleep well