Why You’re Having Fever Dreams

Why You’re Having Fever Dreams

When you’re sick, getting a good night’s sleep is already tough enough.

It doesn’t help when interrupting that sleep are crazy and bizarre dreams that leave you feeling more confused than well-rested.

But what’s going on when you have these wild, vivid fever dreams? Let’s talk about why they happen, and whether you might be able to gain any meaning from them.

0:00 What is a Fever Dream?
1:02 How Are Fever Dreams Different From Other Dreams?
1:34 Do Fever Dreams Have Meaning?
2:15 Can You Prevent Fever Dreams?

For more information, check out Sleep Foundation’s page on Fever Dreams:


When you're sick getting a good night's Sleep is already Tough Enough it doesn't Help when interrupting that sleep or Crazy in bizarre dreams that leave you Feeling more confused than well rested But what's going on when you have these Wild Vivid fever dreams let's talk about Why they happen and whether you might be Able to gain any meaning from them if You've ever had a cold before you're Familiar with a fever fevers can be a Response to an illness virus infection Or even just being in a hotter climate Body temperature is strongly linked to The Sleep Cycle so just slightly too hot Or slightly too cold and suddenly your Quality of sleep is affected if your Temperature goes from a normal 98.6 to Over 100.4 degrees then along with Symptoms like chills and sweating it's Common to have strange dreams called Fever dreams while it's still unknown How a fever exactly causes fever dreams One theory is that an overheated brain Is to blame now I know that term sounds Concerning but your brain and immune System are working overtime during a Fever and as a result inflammation Around the brain can impact your sleep And your dreams fever dreams are unique To the dreamers conditions and result Directly from having a fever and Unsettling fever dream can sometimes Feel like a nightmare but a nightmare

Results from deeper anxiety stress or Trauma and a nightmare disorder can be Treated through Psychotherapy a fever Dream may also feel similar to a lucid Dream however during a lucid dream the Dreamer is not only aware they're asleep But can also control the dream they're In in a fever dream the dreamer does not Have the ability to change the dream Leaving them to face the weird and scary Dreamscape that their mind creates while You may wake up feeling upset about what You saw in a fever dream interpreting a Deeper meaning behind it may be hard to Do normally during REM sleep it's Believed our dreams help us process our Memories and emotions but fever dreams Are more confusing and unusual they tend To include things like Distortion Like Moving walls melting objects and Changing spaces danger or possible Threats that make the dreamer feel Scared and disease or illness that can Reflect how the dreamer is currently Feeling because fever dreams makes the Dreamers current discomfort into the Dream itself they can be more negative And even involve feelings of heat though Not necessarily bad for you they can be Quite alarming to prevent or at least Reduce the likelihood of fever dreams Prioritize breaking the fever and Helping your body recover with five easy Tricks one set your room temperature to

65 degrees to help you lower your core Temperature while you sleep two drink Plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration But try to avoid too much caffeine or Sugar three use a wet compress or bathe In lukewarm water to reduce your body's Temperature before bed 4. get sufficient Sleep even if you're not feeling well Try to get as much sleep as you can when You can and 5. if advised by your doctor Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help Alleviate your fever symptoms if Symptoms continue or worsen be sure to Bring that up with your doctor as well So remember fever dreams may feel Surreal and even puzzling sometime times But they are nothing to be concerned About your brain's just super focused on Healing your body so keep trying to Break that fever and Dreamland should go Back to normal too thanks for watching Everyone sleep well