Our bodies weren’t built for daylight savings time

Our bodies weren't built for daylight savings time

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Do you know why these time changes suck Because they mess with our circadian Rhythm our bodies have a roughly 24-hour Rhythm to them which we call the Circadian rhythm and they need to be Aligned with the sun which triggers the Production of certain hormones in our Brain to help us fall asleep at night or Wake up so when we do something as Simple as changing the clock by an hour It's enough to knock our body Temporarily out of our normal circadian Rhythm now this can mean more daytime Sleepiness trouble falling asleep or Staying asleep or just even changes in Your appetite but you know the best way To mitigate these effects go outside Really just get Outdoors getting natural Unfiltered sunlight is the best way to Reinforce those hormones that help you Wake up and fall asleep so as the Seasons change and the time changes Sunlight is your best friend for more Tips on making it through these clock Changes visit sleepfoundation.org